Latest Children's Short Stories

my life somwtimes
this is about me
briannapond (13) 2 months ago
Wyattfriends Book 2: Solving The Problem
The Wyattfriends have only one chance to solve the problem, about Sea-Man.
wyatt0929 (36) 5 months ago
Wyattfriends Book 1: A Short Trapp
A Boy named Wyatt has his friends be saviors and the only way to assemble is say Wyattfriends Assemble!
wyatt0929 (36) 5 months ago
Nothing but Puns
A story about two bored people spending some time together.
peanut1 (15) 5 months ago
To The Readers
What do you think
Meowmix3312 (28) 6 months ago
All I My Head
Fun Story To Read
nyancats1719 (16) 9 months ago
this story is about a girl called martha she has a had a bad life growing up with her religous strict parents and its time to let her biggest ever secret called abomination but will anyone ever actually no what it is ???
darcywallace (15) 10 months ago
The Old Man and His Figments
A writer gets weary of life and wants his figment friends out of his imagination for the last time..
watt-john4 (67) 1 year ago
Chicky Goes To Town
This is a children's story for a very young child
ladylove (59) 1 year ago
A Walk In The Park
Tommy and Lilly decide to take a walk
MrsJaneConrad (13) 1 year ago
Is There A Santa Clause
A little girl's prayer to God asking if there is a Santa Clause.
Breanna Bodden (15) 1 year ago
The New Years revaluation( NOT)
This story is about a girl who doesn't knoe what she want to change about herseel
Lovingtheworld33 (12) 1 year ago
The Road Not Taken
This is my teachers favorite poem
Lovingtheworld33 (12) 1 year ago
This is a poem i made
Lovingtheworld33 (12) 1 year ago
Sunny Betti The Vampire chapter 1
Sunny is an normal 14 girl. Her life is pretty good the only bad part is that her best friend, one eyed Joe is always so weird and keeps on disappearing for weeks at a time. One day she's walking to school with Joe and the sky turns black. Everything arou
K.Z.fine (13) 1 year ago
Stop and smell the roses.
ForTheLawlz000 (27) 1 year ago
Growing Up and Getting Older
A little girl is getting old enough to help with chores and feels pretty good about it.
SharonKrager (67) 1 year ago
Skye: The Dog That Was Not
The story is about a small young adult dog who lives on the streets of Playa Del Carmen Mexico and is a adopted by a kind foreigner. The story is about the trials and tribulations of owning a very mischievous and wild innocent dog and the author feels has
haiderinplaya (54) 1 year ago
Sally Mae Jones and The Ferris Wheel Ride
A story about a young girl that is excited about the county fair being open. She is bound and determined to take a ferris wheel ride this year. She and her friend decide to meet at the fair and she can hardly wait.
SharonKrager (67) 1 year ago
the story of a life
this is some children story
bear (13) 2 years ago
Angie's mother is very grateful for help at river side
haywooddave (72) 2 years ago
The garden at midnight
The interesting night events that took place in a garden............................................; read it to find out more :).......
Muniza (23) 2 years ago
little turkey
Multitmoney15 (19) 2 years ago
Seagulls Love Donuts
Brad, a seagull, learns about sharing.
robertmoons (59) 2 years ago
The Tiny Town of Hèrrre
A lost, young rabbit hops into a tiny town and asks an old turtle for directions.
robertmoons (59) 2 years ago
Sometime the past doesn't stay in the past
puppy (46) 2 years ago
Rocky Shores Elementary proudly present
puppy (46) 2 years ago
Find out what happens when Puppy's move next door
puppy (46) 2 years ago
Cat Stories that Dogs Tell
This is a story about a cat and a dog. (ages 6+). The Illustrated Children's Book in PDF format is free to download (See near bottom of story).
robertmoons (59) 2 years ago
The Boy Who Loved a Tree
A boy and his parents make regular rest stops on their way to the boy's grandparents. Over the course of several years, the boy learns about a maple tree, nature, and life. (Age 10+)
robertmoons (59) 2 years ago
This is one camera that you wouldn't want to have your picture taken with
jobella (46) 2 years ago
Will the real catburglar please stand up!
jobella (46) 2 years ago
This is one camp that you don't want to spend your summer in
jobella (46) 2 years ago
Moving into your new house should be a happy time shouldn't it?
jobella (46) 2 years ago
The Kill
A guy and his wife find dead bodies covered with invisible glue
britneynumber1 (49) 2 years ago
Fairy Tales can come true
A girl and her friend believe in Fairy Tales, but what if they were real?
britneynumber1 (49) 2 years ago
A girl lives in Egypt and has to defeat the Egyptian Warriors
britneynumber1 (49) 2 years ago
Kindness of Little Girl Krittika
Little girl Krittika unknowinly thrown banana skin on the road. Another boy, who was running on the road slipped and got minor injuries due to the banana skin. Krittika went to him and treated with first aid. She went to doctor and called him to examine.
simpleman (70) 2 years ago
Bad Words
True facts about bad stuff.
popepop (50) 2 years ago
Jessie's Lullaby
A poem dedicated to My little sister, Jessica. This is a short poem for all little kids who need a good bedtime piece.
cmorgan823 (19) 3 years ago
... chasing tales...
... three cats who live together...
PeterHunter (74) 3 years ago
Well Done Nikhil
It is an adventure story of a eight year old boy, who saved the life of his classmate after struggling in the swimming pool.
veevee (71) 3 years ago
Keep your mind wide open
the poem about lovers
Multitmoney15 (19) 3 years ago
What’s So Great About Scott?
What makes someone (or dog) great is not what they possess, but rather what they give in order to make someone else better.
faulkners1999 (39) 3 years ago
A Different Kind of Courage
8 year old Rebecca finds there's more than one kind of courage when she has to choose between friends. Written with UK punctuation.
RonnieJ (60) 3 years ago
The Life of a Puddle
Friendship is special.
Princess_Laina (19) 3 years ago
Princess Peach's Birthday
It is Princess Peach's Birthday! She gets a big suprise. Read my story and find out what it is...From New Super Mario Bros Wii!
96lw15 (23) 3 years ago
... fat fish... (Purdey, Symes and Wright - part 18)
... not the only pets...
PeterHunter (74) 3 years ago