Good Luck Charlie!

S02/EP1 Charlie And Teddy go out for a park day .Teddy then See's A handsome Boy Like a dream .But thats not all ! Charlie goes after A wild goose chase for her Blanky Can Teddy find charlie before it
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"Teddy ,Today i have an Emergency .Some how this person got Clay dough Stuck in his ear So i Need you to Babysit Charlie . " Said Teddy's Mom Amy .Then along came Teddy's Dad Bob. Teddy Put on a shocker face " But that's not fair! Me and Ivy Were going to the movies ." Bob looked Around .And Just enjoyed his Coffee . "Teddy, Do as your mother says , I mean come on how much trouble can A 4 year old Make ?? " After Amy and bob left to head to work .All teddy Could do Was Just sign . Teddy then Decided Maybe She can leave Charlie With Olivia for until the movie is Over. Like dad said how Much trouble can a 4 year old be ?
Then Gabe is the younger brother of Teddy and PJ and older brother of Charlie. He stared at Charlie "Devil! " He yelled Laughing . " Noo...." Charlie responded Smiling .Teddy Sucked her teeth at Gabe " That's not fair How I have to babysit .While mom and dad
Might be enjoying a dinner ." Teddy then picked up charlie .Teddy Put on Charlie's Sweater and Put her on her Stroller. "Where are you going ?? " Asked Gabe enjoying Orange Juice.Teddy Put on her Purple Cute Flowered Sweater " Im going to the movies ." ..........To.....Be.......Continued ........

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