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The Old Mans Figments
A writer grows weary and decides to set his figments free before his demise..
watt-john4 (67) 1 year ago
two friends talk about fighting and ends up becoming facebook famous for the wrong reason and how your friend some times when things get tough they might not always be there and keep their word
DEESOSWEET (15) 2 years ago
Little Johnny at the Park
Funny short story about poor lil' Johnny. Good for e-mail forwarding to your friends!
Rich Powell (27) 3 years ago
Round and round...
A question...
PeterHunter (74) 3 years ago
Sniffer Dog Joke
Rich Powell (27) 4 years ago
Girls' Night Out
Rich Powell (27) 4 years ago
Deputy Wife
This man's wife is certainly helpful when he is pulled over by a cop in this funny e-mail forward story.
Rich Powell (27) 4 years ago