Latest Funny Short Stories

There Was Once A Sheep
just a funny short poem I wrote lol hope you like
TITANIC2014 (38) - 2 hours ago
Getting a bite to eat becomes an adventure for dim witted teenagers Jimmy and Leon.
FictionFix (44) - 9 days ago
Up To Speed
The General and his aide, Faulkner, manage Operation Flyswatter, the elimination of a rogue Special Forces officer.
FictionFix (44) - 9 days ago
Orpheus tries to persuade Leo to join him in the fight against the Cortex.
FictionFix (44) - 9 days ago
Space ship engineer Silas encounters an uninvited guest in the ship's toilet bowl.
FictionFix (44) - 9 days ago
Detectives Tuggs and Croquet receive an anonymous tip in a strange location.
FictionFix (44) - 15 days ago
Cymbalist Stuart Thrasher outdoes himself when the symphony orchestra swells to a crescendo, to the conductor's chagrin.
FictionFix (44) - 17 days ago
Safari to Egaleo
Leon goes to visit his friend Jimmy in Egaleo, but his trip quickly takes a turn for the worse.
FictionFix (44) - 18 days ago
Detectives Tuggs and Croquet respond to a suicide threat with their unique approach.
FictionFix (44) - 20 days ago
Space shuttle engineer Silas comes against a fearsome, furry beast which is more than he thinks it is.
FictionFix (44) - 21 days ago
The Terror of the French Resistance
Colonel Vasoline had planned his ambush on the Germans to the last detail. But he had no way of expecting... The Terror of the French Resistance!
FictionFix (44) - 22 days ago
All Makis wants is one crummy bagel, but a purse snatcher gets in his way.
FictionFix (44) - 24 days ago
A Fantasy - Maybe
BarbaraEllen (64) - 26 days ago
The story of what really happened to Leonidas and his 300 men that fateful day in Hot Gates, 480 BC.
FictionFix (44) - 27 days ago
The Ledge
Sitting on a ledge, Leon tries to decide whether he should take the plunge.
FictionFix (44) - 28 days ago
Silent but Deadly
Detectives Dick Tuggs and Davie Croquet get ambushed when they attempt a sneak attack on their prime suspect, Larry Fuhrer.
FictionFix (44) - 29 days ago
The Pourne Identity
Secret agent extraordinaire Jacob Pourne awakes with no memory of who he is on a dark beach where a shadowy opponent awaits him.
FictionFix (44) - 29 days ago
Detectives Tuggs and Croquet use alternative interrogation techniques to get a confession from a murder suspect.
FictionFix (44) - 1 month ago
Chinese Whispers
Detectives Dick Tuggs and Davie Croquet discover the challenges of interviewing a Chinese suspect.
FictionFix (44) - 1 month ago
Occupational Hazard
Detective Richard "Dick" Tuggs finds that the job is beginning to get to his partner, David "Davie" Croquet.
FictionFix (44) - 1 month ago
Hole in One
Detectives Dick Tuggs and Davie Croquet pose as the staff of an exclusive golf club in order to bring down corrupt millionaires Miles Sanderson and Willard Mullberg.
FictionFix (44) - 1 month ago
Cop Killer
Detectives Tuggs' and Muerte's partnership comes to an abrupt end during their pursuit of a bank robber.
FictionFix (44) - 1 month ago
Silly Buggers
Detectives Tuggs and Croquet encounter technical difficulties while bugging a suspect's phone line.
FictionFix (44) - 1 month ago
Cop Car
Detectives Tuggs and Croquet's high-tech, pecially equipped unmarked car proves to be more liability than asset.
FictionFix (44) - 1 month ago
Black's Anatomy
Surgeons Todd Whiffelspoone and Claudia Dragabond discover that the operating room is not the best place for romance.
FictionFix (44) - 1 month ago
One Too Many
Detective David "Davie" Croquet has an unpleasant experience with his favorite beverage while waiting for a confidential informant.
FictionFix (44) - 1 month ago
Derk tries to convince a nosey customs man that some trunks are best left unopened.
FictionFix (44) - 1 month ago
A Horrible Secret
Psychologist Dr. Manic has his way with people. The wrong way.
FictionFix (44) - 1 month ago
A Tale of Man Scorned
jedd (39) - 1 month ago
Detectives Tuggs and Croquet use their unique approach on a corpse at a crime scene.
FictionFix (44) - 1 month ago
Survival of the Fittest
Caveman Socrates Leatherrock has to deal with his tax problems.
FictionFix (44) - 1 month ago
Honor Among Thieves
Two robbers discover that robbing a bank isn't as easy as it looks.
FictionFix (44) - 1 month ago
The Quest of High School Boys 2
Just another funny story from my series. If you haven't read my other two please do.
resie (23) - 2 months ago
A Letter For All Those I’ve Killed
A serial killer considers suicide.
robertmoons (57) - 4 months ago
I'm Blind, by Dr. Philbilly
Dr. Philbilly takes a trip to Walmart with his family only to end in disaster and handcuffs.
DrPhilbilly (46) - 6 months ago
Manapause, by Dr. Philbilly
Dr. Philbilly treats a crick in his neck only to to be surprised at the remedy.
DrPhilbilly (46) - 6 months ago
Light Weight, by Dr. Philbilly
Dr. Philbilly faces off with an intruder inside his hotel room late at night.
DrPhilbilly (46) - 6 months ago
Mommy and her Son
MzDiggy (17) - 7 months ago
10 Things Not To Do
10 things not to do.
robertmoons (57) - 8 months ago
Black to the Past
A story about George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, and Chris Dorner.
Zamininc (17) - 9 months ago
Black to the Past
A story about George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, and Chris Dorner.
Zamininc (17) - 9 months ago
Summer Trip
a Good Old fishing trip with a twist ending
tjhlax (18) - 10 months ago
Lead Poison, by Dr. Philbilly
Dr. Philbilly's is almost shot by wife over practical joke.
DrPhilbilly (46) - 11 months ago
His First Time
Funny story about a young guy who tells his parents about his first time, with a very funny twist at the end.
Rich Powell (25) - 11 months ago
Fart away
be carefull of what you tell your kids
numan (38) - 11 months ago
Class Test
Mr. Bean Deserves Props
PurpleDiggy (20) - 11 months ago
how i got caught having sex
Arie (17) - 11 months ago
Satan's Tour of Degenerates
Satan takes a documentary filmmaker through hell but it doesn't go as horrifying as Satan hoped.
martinflemingak (18) - 11 months ago
My Precious
PurpleDiggy (20) - 11 months ago
Cow Wars (Episode 1)
A brief story of a cow's revolution.
andersonkidney (18) - 12 months ago