Am I stupid?

Funny for all ages of a boy being told he is stupid by all family! :)
Posted: 4 years ago (03/31/11)
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I went to my mother room to ask if she thought I was stupid, because my friends called me weird, stupid, ect. And my mother hesitated, but said "Well, your obviously smart enough to dress yourself, so No,"
I wonder, should I take that offensively?
So, I asked my little sister, and the reply, "Yes, stupid."
I don't care about that comment...
So I asked my dad, he said this, "You grew up JUST like me, so your not dumb!"
My father ALSO never finished Collage...
So, I called my grandmomma and asked, "On a rate for 1 to 10, HOw smart am I?"
"Absolutely, 3. You grew up like your father,"
Wow. as you see, I make BIG DEALS out of little stuff. Thanks, family for called me the average potato.

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