Latest Horror Short Stories

The prisoner
A man gets caught for robbery and is sentenced to 5 life sentences and by death life eternity until his debt is paid.
Jtodx90 (23) - Yesterday
Zombie Bedlam
Sergeant Blake's squad has been wiped out in a zombie ambush. Alone and outnumber, he must make his way back to the safety of his bunker.
robertmoons (57) - 1 month ago
The Wolf Face
A woman encounters what she thinks might be a werewolf.
SharonKrager (65) - 1 month ago
Quivering Candles
kind of another odd one by yours truly. please also rate and comment-thanks :)
MegPeg (15) - 2 months ago
A girl finally gets her own apartment. But there's something not right about it. Told in narrator point of view.
resie (23) - 2 months ago
When Lambs Became Lions
not so scary and is really a poem about revenge/surviving (I left it for you to guess the reason for his actions)
MegPeg (15) - 2 months ago
Cloud Ten Part Two (Scene For Contest)
What will Carter and the group do now that the camp is being raided by bandits?! Find out here.
Daytoneboy327 (11) - 2 months ago
A cold winter night turns to horror.
windowpane (16) - 5 months ago
Marrow(chapter two)
After Noticing his observer, The strange girl haunts his dreams, After a week of sleepless nights Mark gets the chance to meet The mystery woman.
killik15 (25) - 5 months ago
the killer
there is a killer on the loose and no one can find him
haleyhayseed (14) - 5 months ago
Marrow (Chapter one)
Mark is just a normal teenage guy, Normal life, Normal girlfriend normal school, Normal problems. At-least up to this point, He has and unusual issue, He's being stalked by a girl brandishing a set of fangs, an unstable mind and infatuation in her heart.
killik15 (25) - 5 months ago
Ha Ha Ha
Its not your imagination. Ha Ha Ha...
sociallyawkward (23) - 5 months ago
When My Guitar Gently Screams
A young, mediocre guitar player comes across an unusual, antique guitar that turns him into a world famous rock idol.
robertmoons (57) - 5 months ago
The Mummy Curse - 1
Gabe is a american and he has come with his parents to the land of pyramids,Egypt . As he tours with his parents, he comes over strange things that give you all a goosebumps......................
khursheedabdallah6 (16) - 5 months ago
Halloween Scary Story
Tell this to your friends on Halloween trick or treating. This is fake! 10+
coolgal1111 (10) - 5 months ago
death glass
disturbing and unfortunately true
becky15 (15) - 5 months ago
my last days
a man is taken to "room 101" -it was my English course work- I have had numerous people tell me I should turn this into a story so, a story I shall turn it into. my first one xxx
becky15 (15) - 5 months ago
coolgal1111 (10) - 5 months ago
Very weird/crazy story
this is not real! PLEASE DONT BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!! Get ready for your frightnight
coolgal1111 (10) - 6 months ago
The Hunger and the Cold
Something hungry this way comes. Three friends spending a weekend at an isolated log cabin, soon find themselves in a desperate battle for their very lives.
robertmoons (57) - 6 months ago
the child
page 1 : this is just the start not very scary yet but give it time see you soon.
alexander (18) - 6 months ago
Lester's Shift
There is a time before the sunrises that the moon clings to both the light and darkness for as long as possible. For an old gravedigger named Lester Paddock, it is within that time that he has come to know best for his work. Meanwhile, Jim Hutchings ends
treytac7 (22) - 6 months ago
The Hidden Walls pg 4
alexander (18) - 8 months ago
ruby slits
Multitmoney15 (17) - 8 months ago
the wickens pride
Multitmoney15 (17) - 8 months ago
The Hidden Walls pg 3
alexander (18) - 8 months ago
The Hidden Walls pg 2
alexander (18) - 8 months ago
The Lost Sailors Lighthouse.
A short story in one hundred words
nick133 (53) - 8 months ago
Sweet Revenge
A short story in one hundred words.
nick133 (53) - 8 months ago
Little Jenny Jones
A horror story in one hundred words.
nick133 (53) - 8 months ago
Enter if you Dare
A horror story in one hundred words
nick133 (53) - 8 months ago
A Chain Reaction
A horror story in one hundred words.
nick133 (53) - 8 months ago
The Hidden walls
alexander (18) - 8 months ago
the little doll
a little girl believe her doll can talk and is her best friend however her family and wants the doll out of her life and her little friend wants to show them how real he is
DEESOSWEET (13) - 9 months ago
The purge
if you had the right for 12 hours to kill anyone you ever hated THIS would be the only chance it would be legal
DEESOSWEET (13) - 9 months ago
its about a teen who been bullied and wants revenge and would do anything to get it even if it means killing his own family
DEESOSWEET (13) - 9 months ago
Darkness Within Us...
Read the story :)
BrokenheartedWerewolf (20) - 9 months ago
Soul of the Stalker (Lex Talionis #4)
What's worse than a serial killer? A serial killer with superhuman powers.
 The top of the food chain? Maybe, but then, he hasn't run into the predator of serial killers.
robertmoons (57) - 10 months ago
friday the 13th
a young girl and a swarm of ghostly figures !!!!!!
darcy123 (12) - 10 months ago
First Day of School
First Day of School...Life of a child in the late 60's
Bsharp61 (53) - 10 months ago
The Adler Chronicles Prt 2 : Hell Cometh In Red
The second part in the Adler Chronicle series from The Book of Orexis. The story goes deeper as Aglaya makes a break for freedom, and the true source of the dark power is revealed.
tony_m_black (32) - 10 months ago
The bloody beauty
Her blood is her paint wrist is the canvas and blade the paintbrush
emofreakofthecentury (15) - 11 months ago
Jason is a young boy who feels alone and abandoned ,so he leaves the world and happily greats death
avengedzombie (14) - 11 months ago
Wilmont Sanitarium
How do you prove to someone you're not insane while being institutionalized at a Sanitation and wearing a strait-jacket? Jacob Ramsey has to figure something out.
polywog62 (25) - 11 months ago
The folklore of a demon universe
martinflemingak (18) - 11 months ago
Snow Search
A disturbing search through the snow
martinflemingak (18) - 11 months ago