Latest Horror Short Stories

Do You Feel The Breath?
A brief story for a long scare
WizardTheJi (14) 1 month ago
Well...This is second and last part of Breaking news....The story of a clown ....
Story18 (19) 2 months ago
Scared of clowns???? Ask a question to yourself ....R u suffering from Courlophobia i.e. fear of clowns ? If yes then please read this story...This story is about a Clown of a certain circus....
Story18 (19) 2 months ago
Miss Greene's Interrogation
After hearing about the death of her father, 20-year-old Miss Greene is interrogated by the police.
heythere (14) 2 months ago
My Little Dolly
A 13 year old girl named Annabelle byes a doll at a Thrift Shop. From that day everything goes downhill. She keeps having nightmares about Sweetie Taff. And soon, she moves, and , well, you'll see.BYE BYE... -Sweetie Taff
Deadlydolly (12) 2 months ago
Five Nights At Chuck E. Cheeses Part 1: Intro
This is not normal, this is a creepypasta about the Chuck E. Cheeses night shift. Not FNAF. RATED 15+ FOR VIOLENCE, BRIEF LANGUAGE AND SCARY STUFF.
wyatt0929 (36) 3 months ago
Swan Falls Part 1 of 4
A couple and a brother and sister team up to solve their town's biggest mystery of the decade.
Jcat_7006 (12) 3 months ago
Fifty Two Hundred Teeth
A struggle with tragedy becomes even more disturbing; set in an oasis in the foothills of the Andes, Peru South America.
CristinaMatta (44) 4 months ago
The Silent Game
The unknown history of a young child.
mindful_ideas (20) 5 months ago
My Plea
Memories: old and new.
kiraafinifrock (14) 5 months ago
Misty Vibe
along the waters edge
djreed7100 (44) 6 months ago
Go to sleep
This is my first story so I taking it the first half off the internet
Meowmix3312 (28) 7 months ago
Black Coffee
A scary murder story
Leialove43 (18) 7 months ago
Red lipstick
Don't go in the basement!
Mewnique (13) 7 months ago
A Women To Die For
When Shawn thinks he's found the one. But only realizes his girlfriend is literally crazy for him. He has no way to escape.
Joe_bro (13) 9 months ago
The Man In My Window
When dad hears his daughter Migha calling from her room he finds something that takes your breath away.
Joe_bro (13) 9 months ago
Laughing jack
My baby boy has a great emanation that concerns a clown named laughing jack who gives him hard candies. When laughing jack goes bad.
Joe_bro (13) 9 months ago
The Man Who Made Lightning
They said he made lightning, they weren't seen again.
Munnlauren04 (15) 9 months ago
She has to be mine.
angel (18) 10 months ago
the face
a girl who lost her face but cant find it
haleyhayseed (15) 10 months ago
The Voices
This story is about a girl who sees people who are not there. This is a nonfiction story about me.
TheTeenBrawl (14) 10 months ago
Intended Victim
Not all what it seems on a peaceful winter day....
jfssandman (2016) 1 year ago
Murder in the kitchen....
jfssandman (2016) 1 year ago
Where Is She? Whats Going On?
A young girls mum dies and her dad looks after her until he hangs him self and then the dad takes over the girls body.
zoec (15) 1 year ago
If Rain is What You Want
superman21 (21) 1 year ago
the dead body in the bed
this story is really suprising
tabithacanales (16) 1 year ago
young american high school kids in school by woods and decide to climb over fence but never came back out and weren't seen again
drizzydarcyxxx (19) 1 year ago
Marrow (Chapter Three)
The girl asks a favor of him and against his better judgment Mark decides to go along with her.
killik15 (27) 1 year ago
Dreamare ch3
What are you willing to do to make your own dreams come true? Well, two security guards working at a government building is about to find out through a nightmare of hell.
resie (25) 1 year ago
Dreamare Ch2
What are you willing to do to make your own dreams come true? Well, two security guards working at a government building is about to find out through a nightmare of hell.
resie (25) 1 year ago
Dreamare Ch1
What are you willing to do to make your own dreams come true? Well, two security guards working at a government building is about to find out through a nightmare of hell.
resie (25) 1 year ago
Emptiness Staring Back
Deception of ones true self
Louis (26) 1 year ago
The Devil May Cry: The Lost Sun
A fanfiction based on the devil may cry world as a character is taken down a path unknown and discovers something he wished he had not. A world broken and used like a soul scared and abused leaves him chasing his past, looking for his siblings whom ever t
Tauragon (21) 1 year ago
A scary story about mutation and surgery and more!
Doublezmagnum (16) 1 year ago
It Came On Awful Sudden
A beach day becomes a mans fight of his life.
John Smith (28) 1 year ago
I am a Living Hell
Self-harm, suicide, depression, Hell. Emo story. Don't read if you hate depressing/violent/creepily satisfying things.
JustNicoleValiukas (18) 1 year ago
JUST HEARD A TAP AT MY WINDOW. Almost 2 am in Australia. Aaand its my cousin. Hmm (*whips out rifle*) somebody's gonna DIEEEE! (May contain FOUL language)
JustNicoleValiukas (18) 1 year ago
Black Souls
On a downward spiral again, have to get this shit out before I go crazy
JustNicoleValiukas (18) 1 year ago
The Stranger
Thought of this when I saw a crazy junkie guy on the street who started chasing me and my friends the other night.
JustNicoleValiukas (18) 1 year ago
The Field
This creepy ass shiz actually happened. It doesn't sound that scary, but if you were there you would have freaked.
JustNicoleValiukas (18) 1 year ago
Creepy, sort of post apocalyptic, somebody trying to find another living person.
JustNicoleValiukas (18) 1 year ago
The Facility Part Two
Zombie Apocalypse, virus style, continued. Noticed other guy calling sick people "the infected" (DANG) Sorry dude. I'll change it to "the diseased" or something.
JustNicoleValiukas (18) 1 year ago
Dear Susan...
A letter of revenge.
misscake (16) 1 year ago
Helios: Episode 1#
The War was hard. The Infected have come. Can Harrison save his son Ash before all hell breaks loose?
Gage6g (33) 1 year ago
The Facility
Zombie apocalyse- virus style.
JustNicoleValiukas (18) 1 year ago
Monkeys Paw
By: Aidan Connolly
21connollyap (40) 1 year ago
The prisoner
A man gets caught for robbery and is sentenced to 5 life sentences and by death life eternity until his debt is paid.
Jtodx90 (25) 1 year ago
Zombie Bedlam
Sergeant Blake's squad has been wiped out in a zombie ambush. Alone and outnumber, he must make his way back to the safety of his bunker.
robertmoons (59) 1 year ago
The Wolf Face
A woman encounters what she thinks might be a werewolf.
SharonKrager (67) 1 year ago