Latest Inspirational Short Stories

I Died; I Live (Part I)
You may be tired of living in this fallen world. Yet, you always have the choice whether to die to yourself and live for Him. His love surely abounds and His grace is indeed sufficient.
seeker (17) 7 days ago
My Life
This is my life in words
saxophonefreak (16) 22 days ago
The Official Metal Gear Solid Quote Database
There is something I want to pass onto you...
Deepthroat (70) 1 month ago
Just read it, please.
SmileyKitty (11) 1 month ago
A Far Away Place Called Heaven
is this ok? plz rate
sadstory (15) 1 month ago
My Anger Volcano
Poem about getting mad for no reason.
SmileyKitty (11) 1 month ago
Fire and Sand
An account written in the form of a post-conflict report about an ambush in Afghanistan
Clough (18) 2 months ago
my outlook on overthinking
Bean (15) 2 months ago
A Changed Life
This is my story of what happened in my life when I resisted the call of God and how I found my way back to him.
Jilligan (39) 3 months ago
The Truth
True friendship
tristenw13 (13) 5 months ago
Peter Crown vs. The Devil
Peter Crown attempts to prove to the Devil that reliable friends do exist.
WynnBrothers (39) 5 months ago
Break in the Sky
Aspiring photographer, Marcus McCaffrey, runs into a broken friend and decides that it's his responsibility to fix him.
LifeInAColorWheel (15) 5 months ago
I'd Like to Say
life is short so say what you've got to say
superman21 (20) 5 months ago
Don't let others perceptions of you define you
superman21 (20) 6 months ago
Stay strong
superman21 (20) 6 months ago
In the Wake of Hope
For those without hope
superman21 (20) 6 months ago
How to Know if You Love Someone
how you tell if you love someone
Breanna Bodden (14) 6 months ago
Adopt Me
Being born into a wealthy house hold doesn't mean you have everything in the world. Young Caroline Krisky survives the fire that burnes down her house. Caroline goes into a orphanage center, where she falls into a loving family.
Sam_Angela (28) 8 months ago
Calling out
Everyone has a desire to accomplish something. If you set your mind to something anything can happen. Age shouldn't matter, you are you and nothing should stop you. Fight through the storm, fight for your loved ones, fight for freedom, fight to survive.
Sam_Angela (28) 8 months ago
Doll Hair-escape
story of things
djreed71 (43) 8 months ago
Skinny 2
Stephanie has just been dropped off at an eating disorder treatment facility. It's her first time ever going.
Anonymoose (21) 9 months ago
Be You, Ight?
A story about how i found myself.
Bean (15) 9 months ago
The Pair
A sweet and loving story about how friends can do anything when they unite together. <3
kokopuff2 (27) 10 months ago
Questioning Yourself
Are you really happy with who you are ? Well you should be .
LoveHurts22 (18) 10 months ago
Living in tha hood
futurerAuthor101 (15) 10 months ago
Dear Ken
A letter to a girl's died uncle.
K.Z.fine (12) 1 year ago
Trapped in a Bonnet
A young girl's mind is somehow trapped in the wrong time and place
Rowdyfairy (27) 1 year ago
But Now, Until Now
This is my very own confessional story. RELATE???
corinthtrisha22 (12) 1 year ago
Sunny Betti The Vampire Chapter Two
This is the second chapter please read the first
K.Z.fine (12) 1 year ago
For the de-motivated.
Sometimes you have to take a break.
reachamongthestars (30) 1 year ago
My Dreams
This is a poem I wrote about people with mental health issues I was trying to empathise with them and how they feel I hope ive done them proud
Simon Cowell (39) 1 year ago
The Perfect Role-Model
Cherish the the time you have with your loved ones, death is on it's own clock
Meggraces (16) 1 year ago
Walk of a Lifetime Chapter 2
Chapter 2
June (17) 1 year ago
Walk of a Lifetime
The struggle of a young girl to escape her abusive step-dad's home and save herself and the one she loves.
June (17) 1 year ago
what i used to think
what I used to think and how I think now
Bean (15) 1 year ago
universe's beauty
the stars and secrets of life
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago
This is about a girl who cut's herself. It's short but worth it its a different perspective on teenage life for cutters and "normal" neighborhoods or families.
novelisttobe1 (15) 1 year ago
an odd conclusion
didn't know if this is inspirational but it might be enjoy the workings of this story hope you find something in it.
alexander (19) 1 year ago
a girl who had hope
voice4u (16) 1 year ago
4800 word count but hope you find it worth the time. Theodore Wilson shares his life and thoughts with a young visitor.
mwac (58) 1 year ago
My Sad Daughter
A is mean and my daughter is nice. Who will win?
popepop (49) 1 year ago
Your never alone
how do you fell when you fell alone well i know
Trace (15) 1 year ago
Through All My Lies
Amyisblue (16) 1 year ago
Do what you will
hi my lovelys
Bean (15) 1 year ago
Do not dwell
Life is what you make it
Bean (15) 1 year ago
VANS (off the wall)
how a young boys life was changed forevr
morgan8456 (18) 1 year ago
A perfect couple (Picabo and Ray)
geminilovii (15) 2 years ago
The Story Of Anna Hart : Before, During, and After.
A girl named Anna Hart living in this cold lonely world finds someone to finally love her. However, this someone is not a person, it's her dog named Poochy.
marimama (27) 2 years ago
Change for yourself.
Lovewillprevail (16) 2 years ago
i am here for a reason
Arie (18) 2 years ago