Latest Love Short Stories

Memo Of Paris
Erotic novel
gia (30) - 2 days ago
It's A Little Bit Me, It's A Little Bit You...Too
A teen fantasy that becomes reality later on in life. A night she will always remember. And an era she will never forget.
Hipskippy (41) - 6 days ago
Letting Go
Taylor2016 (15) - 1 month ago
Readers and Books (a sonnet)
This is a sonnet I wrote in my English class about my love of books and reading.
LittleFeak (18) - 2 months ago
An Erotically Romantic Interlude
Was this experience more erotic, or more romantic?
RonnieJ (58) - 4 months ago
last words
when you like a guy and they say good bye
tigerliliy (26) - 5 months ago
Meant to be?
True story about how I knew my husband before I met him.
rlajjjj (37) - 6 months ago
Now You See me Now You Don't
Just read, and please like.
Roxsey123 (15) - 7 months ago
lavender swirls 2
number 2
Multitmoney15 (17) - 8 months ago
School Girl Dreams, A Womans Realities
Story of a School Girl Dream coming to fruition and then crashing and burning as a woman
booboo1961 (52) - 8 months ago
The Story Of Anthony James / Is There Life After Death
a brief intro its kind of a story about me except that none of the following things have really happened to me...
BATTMANN2588 (25) - 8 months ago
He Is The One
Raman (39) - 8 months ago
December Dreams
Separated by the inequities of age, their bond endures.
mwac (57) - 9 months ago
Kwame & Akosua
A frustrated wife catches the eyes of an very attractive foreigner.... the effects ripple through both of their lives.
afrikansuperstar (30) - 9 months ago
I love you ♥
Amyisblue (15) - 10 months ago
The Game of FAte
its about a girl who falls in love on a online game but has lied to the person she loves she is afraid to die because she loves him and she wants to die because she lied to him.
Amyisblue (15) - 11 months ago
My whirlwind love life.
This is my whirlwind of a love life. It's had its ups and downs but now I'm hoping this is it.
whitley121 (19) - 11 months ago
jUST made up material
geminilovii (14) - 11 months ago
warm embrace
geminilovii (14) - 11 months ago
Ray the awesome kisser
My boo
geminilovii (14) - 11 months ago
My Confusing Crush .-.
I use a lot of brief mentions of "he" not specifically naming who he is cx Well this is a true story cx Every bit.
sdejesus777 (17) - 11 months ago
Lost in the Moment
Real life story .__. In fact it's my love story anyway.
sdejesus777 (17) - 11 months ago
The engagement party
sparklygirl (15) - 11 months ago
The day I was in love
Not all the way true
geminilovii (14) - 11 months ago
geminilovii (14) - 11 months ago
The Wedding
Life should be in this fashion !
srilakshmi86 (27) - 11 months ago
True Love Returns
What True Love does and capable of !
srilakshmi86 (27) - 11 months ago
love in the name of love
Arie (17) - 11 months ago
The Wave
about love
Multitmoney15 (17) - 12 months ago
A Mysterious Guy
The circle of the story focus on a girl fell in love with a mysterious guy.
toni (22) - 1 year ago
Kristen, Maybe the "One"
The title says it all. ;)
Nguyen (16) - 1 year ago
Begging For Deliverance
"Tell me your deepest,darkest secret and I'll tell you mine,"He said with a devilish grin plastered on his face. From that very moment I knew that I, Deliverance Mitchell was going to make the biggest mistake of my life. What is that you may ask
GABBY340 (18) - 1 year ago
Before the Dawn
Gabriel and I have been best friends sense we were little kids.It's funny how when your little friendship comes so easy and just makes sense with just anyone. Gabriel doesn't know it but he is the only thing in my life I'm afraid to loose. For us high sch
GABBY340 (18) - 1 year ago
a undefined trip part one . the start.
it was spring break 2013 i was 18 and going through some stuff at home my grandfather was getting sick and i had just been stabbed in the back by my ex guitarist, but on this trip i would find peace in my friends and in the girl i fell for my is joe and
jmmartino (19) - 1 year ago
Poetic Now
This is actually a poem or a song. IT has deep poetic meaning.
novelisttobe1 (14) - 1 year ago
A poem for my love
lastday20 (16) - 1 year ago
I would like to publish.
Kezwaa (25) - 1 year ago
Women were toys for men!
the value of women
george (23) - 1 year ago
all about the game of love.about trust and betrayal
george (23) - 1 year ago
when a young suicidal teen is rescued by an unusual bird that fell from the sky what will come of his life? will this bird change his views on life, will it also lead him towards love?
Erick (23) - 1 year ago
about two people who cant be together
jellybelly123 (21) - 1 year ago
Serendipity brings a man and woman together - 45 years later
gregsacchet (53) - 1 year ago
A man recalls the first object of his desire - 35 years later
gregsacchet (53) - 1 year ago
A story about the trials of love and marriage.
RoniceRochelle (22) - 1 year ago
We are like dominoes.
Okay, this is my real love story. First and foremost, I'm sorry, i can't speak english very well. Thanks. :)
syaffana (3) - 1 year ago
I'm In Love With My Enemy
Friends for years then suddenly enemies. Can this two seniors figure it all out before the year ends or are they doomed to be apart?
Partygirl72 (15) - 1 year ago
An Ass To Die For- AKA- A Good Day TO die Hard For ASS
Fascination of one man with big, humongous asses; a story filled with suspense, historical references and an ending quite extraordinary. The story also highlights human nature and behavioral patterns.
eternalcynic (27) - 1 year ago
The Ones With The Biggest Heart
The ones with the biggest heart always suffer the most
LUNA XD (16) - 1 year ago
Time To Grow
Alyssa Walker has had two bad experiences with love but then she meets Henderson McIntyre who she falls in love with. She sees Henderson with another girl who turns out to be his sister. Alyssa tries
monroserusher (24) - 1 year ago
Never doubt the power of love
Katherine thought shed be alone forever and no one in this world could love her. But can this psychiatrist find love? Did Jon give it to her?
Canshai24 (14) - 1 year ago