Latest Love Short Stories

A Night Alone... Finally!
A short little love story about two best friends who may not know how they feel about each other.... yet!
Life_is_Hard (31) 1 hour ago
| Whatever |
iNat (18) 3 days ago
The Girl
So, this is an introduction to the book I am beginning to write. I hope to finish it at most two years from now! But I really want to get it finished earlier than that. I hope you enjoy!
Life_is_Hard (31) 3 days ago
| He Loves What He Sees |
She doesn't know how beautiful she is in & out... She doesn't know how many hearts she had caught with just a glance... She doesn't know how to see herself the way others see her...
iNat (18) 5 days ago
Pcb Life
seagulls by the beach
djreed7100 (43) 1 month ago
My Half Love Story
Not all the stories have a happy ending. But we can always try to make the ending happy, and leave the rest on fate.
soham7 (17) 1 month ago
All The Summers I Spent With You
All the days. All the moments. All the smiles. And all the summers I spent with you.
johncabales (20) 1 month ago
Me telling my story of heartbreak and cocaine
AaronSmith (19) 2 months ago
Cats Meow
to glimpse above the sky and see beyond
djreed7100 (43) 2 months ago
Getting In The Car With Strangers
Just a short story on a girl hopping in the car with the boy the kids at school warned her about.
six0202 (16) 3 months ago
poem of grief
A time to say the right things.
nic (23) 3 months ago
Love hurts
A short story on how I fell in love and now ask for forgiveness. Lessons.
nic (23) 3 months ago
Across the Room
Henry was all books and brains with no interest to ever interact with his classmates on his own terms.That is until he found a reason sitting across the room.
Sammykingston212 (27) 4 months ago
little flowers
flowers for my friend
frazer (42) 4 months ago
Life In The Lounge
A Start and an End or is there more?
alexander (19) 5 months ago
Caught in wild desire
Philosophical love and life saving passion or what ever.....
Malik (24) 5 months ago
Left Cheek Dimple
The girl I adore.
chocpol (22) 6 months ago
locAl difficulties
djreed71 (43) 7 months ago
My Love
A poem of deep love
ladylove (59) 7 months ago
like a rose blooms in spring
Just some random thoughts about love
Malik (24) 7 months ago
The Fact Of Myself
a short story of my liFe.
abdurraheem12 (15) 8 months ago
Blueberry Pie
While making a blueberry pie, a young married couple reaches a crossroad and takes a leap of faith.
WynnBrothers (39) 8 months ago
Our story
This is about my story.
Rweekley14 (14) 8 months ago
Love in Thorns
A verse of blooming love
LazerDean (25) 8 months ago
This is a verse for the morning.
LazerDean (25) 8 months ago
A poetic verse
LazerDean (25) 8 months ago
The Journey, Which I Can'T Forget!!!(Part 2)
A boy meet with young pretty girl in train and fall in love with her ...
gbnavapara (19) 8 months ago
The Journey, Which I Can'T Forget!!!(Part 1)
A boy meet with young pretty girl in train and fall in love with her ...
gbnavapara (19) 8 months ago
she did
its about a girl who took a bullet for her love
austinrules2236 (19) 8 months ago
THIS IS SEXUAL 18 and older please
superman21 (20) 8 months ago
The Lady In Black
A mysterious lady who captures the attention of a male - love story in the 1950's.
Charliexcx (19) 8 months ago
The First Day
Opening chapter of my new book - a chick lit! A young girl struggles with her self-esteem and appearance (confidence).
Charliexcx (19) 8 months ago
To The One I Love
Never told the girl I liked how I felt because I misjudged her sexuality. Now she is with some other girl so I wrote a poem to explain how I feel. If only I knew :(
Smitz (18) 8 months ago
This is a part of a short story... It is not the beginning.
Roxsey123 (16) 9 months ago
A Time For Love
A love story about a woman that loses love because of Time
VictorReigns (33) 9 months ago
Am I losing you?
A poem about a man who questions his love for his dear beloved but just feels that he is not doing enough and that he might be losing her
Lynton (20) 9 months ago
Vampire Love Story c:
It's a weird love story haha
holly32101 (14) 10 months ago
A poem about love.
Breanna Bodden (14) 10 months ago
Love In A Bottle
A young girl finds love when a boy gives her a bottle containing a note confessing his love to her.
Breanna Bodden (14) 10 months ago
Lost Girl
A love poem based on the events of a lost girl and a boy who saved her.
hockeychick12 (17) 10 months ago
Forgotten Fairytale
hapynes (28) 11 months ago
hapynes (28) 11 months ago
Accidental Universe
something giving
djreed71 (43) 11 months ago
Joy Ride
djreed71 (43) 11 months ago
Have you ever met someone whom you've been with in a specific place for a year but didn't seem to notice his existence yet had a great impact in your life?
someoneyoudontknow (16) 1 year ago
Women in the Windows
Red light district rendevous
abasse (33) 1 year ago
100% will make you cry. A love story about a boy who has cancer and falls in love with his high school sweetheart. Tissue box needed.
kokopuffs (21) 1 year ago
Amdram Love
A shy and unconfident young man finds love through his local amateur dramatics group . . .
FIELD01 (49) 1 year ago
His part 1
The one
obeythenerd (13) 1 year ago
Lovingtheworld33 (12) 1 year ago