Latest Sad Short Stories

I wish I could just be ALONE
How people think they can relate to your problems when they can't and they end up making the situation worse.
Life_is_Hard (31) Yesterday
Being judged by everyone around you can make you think about some weird stuff.
Life_is_Hard (31) Yesterday
Falling, falling, falling
If you want something sad... here you go.
Life_is_Hard (31) Yesterday
Broken Friendship
Terrifying yet true. This is actually how I felt about my friends for a very long time.
Life_is_Hard (31) Yesterday
A story/poem about when things that we don't play on come into our lives and ruin everything.... Well, maybe not everything.
Life_is_Hard (31) Yesterday
Dark Night
A sad yet thought triggering poem by me in my earlier days of writing.
Life_is_Hard (31) Yesterday
What Do I Worry About?
Sometimes you don't care anymore.
Pipppy12 (16) Yesterday
Never Again
A poem describing some experiences I know I will face soon.
Life_is_Hard (31) Yesterday
| Why Lie ? |🔚📍🔻😜
Does it hurt to tell the truth instead of letting someone believe what's clearly not real..?
iNat (18) 3 days ago
A sad poem about a friend who dies after getting hit by a truck
Rainer (15) 14 days ago
What is going on?!?
This is the story of my break-up😭
Kiki_Kicks (13) 16 days ago
Depression is not easy, sometimes it's hard to define or hard to explain. I thought I would try and write a piece about how I see it to be.
Harper (18) 17 days ago
The emptiness that cannot be filled
EverythingWillBeAlright (19) 18 days ago
suicide note; my final words.
wanderlust (14) 20 days ago
If Only
If you truly love someone, you want them to be happy and safe. even if that means you have to suffer for the rest of your life.
Yamada (13) 24 days ago
the prettiest innocent girl
Everyone who was bullied this is a dedication for you
ILoveCupcakes (41) 1 month ago
the prettiest innocent girl
Everyone who was bullied this is a dedication for you
ILoveCupcakes (41) 1 month ago
My broken promise
If you love someone show that special person how much you love them, don't be scared.
Yamada (13) 1 month ago
All my life I have wanted to express myself and now here's my chance to show the world how I feel
Blaire23 (13) 1 month ago
One girl who was once innocent and happy takes a wrong turn.
sadstoryyyy (24) 2 months ago
Short tragic story on how a man never saw the true beauty of the color until he lost it.
six0202 (16) 2 months ago
Losing Her
I lost her. I lost her and it killed me. She died and I died too.
FollowTheRainbows (14) 3 months ago
Fire and Sand Part 2
A follow up of the events from part one
Clough (19) 3 months ago
A short poem of how I'm feeling
saxophonefreak (17) 3 months ago
Sometimes I feel like I can't let my feelings out.
acosange (13) 3 months ago
I can't do it anymore.
acosange (13) 3 months ago
You Dont Know
The story of a girl no one understands.
sadstory (15) 3 months ago
Remember Me
Girl gives boyfriend a challenge
Joe_bro (12) 3 months ago
Remember Me
Girl gives boyfriend a challenge
Joe_bro (12) 3 months ago
The Nightmare Never Ends (Prologue)
Imagine a life so horrible it feels so unreal well that is happening to a young teen named Raven.
Howtosavealife (29) 3 months ago
Don't you see?
Saying "I love you" doesn't mean a thing.
acosange (13) 3 months ago
I'm a mess.
"I'm a mess" she whispered as she dragged the blade across her wrist. Her smile widened as she felt the cool sensation of the blade and the warm flow of the blood dripping slowly out.
acosange (13) 3 months ago
Blood on the Wall
This is a little bit of what happened to me except I only cut myself
nyancats1719 (15) 4 months ago
Forgive Me, My Love
A girl asking for forgiveness from her abusive boyfriend that she loves, from the world and everything around her.
sadstory (15) 4 months ago
Crimson Secrets
This is one of those depressing stories that are sad. NOTHING TO DO WITH ME, BY THE WAY. Nothing to do with me. I was merely inspired.
Delilah (14) 4 months ago
The Key.
They dont deserve ..
Vequaniel (18) 4 months ago
Lingering Thoughts
It's a story of what I'm currently going through as of right now, and wanted to convey that but in a manner that can be funny, instead of downright depressing.
Paul_Rai (21) 4 months ago
Give Up
Gauge but true, to tired to write more.
sadstory (15) 4 months ago
A poem of a girl left in the shattered pieces of her last relationship.
sadstory (15) 5 months ago
To: SmileyKitty and all people who relate to the new sad story "Hate".
sadstory (15) 5 months ago
Make It To 16
Please read all the way through or it won't make sense and rate.
sadstory (15) 5 months ago
My Kind Of Angel
Please rate i cant tell if im good or not.
sadstory (15) 5 months ago
Let Me Sleep
My sleep like death
sadstory (15) 5 months ago
The New Girl
The story of the girl who is always the new girl.
sadstory (15) 5 months ago
A Horrible Memory HORRIBLE
Worst day ever..............
Depessed_Queen (16) 5 months ago
If you ever feel like you have no friends read this.
This is a story of my life when I was small
LoneWolf (20) 5 months ago
I Love You Daddy
this made me cry as I was writing it
Depessed_Queen (16) 5 months ago
When I Cut Myself
I hope nobody else ever breaks like this. Stay strong. And happy.
JustNicoleValiukas (17) 5 months ago
The Mean Girl
I am not a very patient writer but I tried so here it is.
sadstory (15) 5 months ago
Nothing Left To Live For
Marina, a girl who had lost everything- her parents, siblings- in a car crash. Her friends are sick of her, always moping about, grieving. Even her best friend didn't seem to care.
Rosita Wijnberg (24) 5 months ago