Latest Sad Short Stories

A Story Of Death.
A story of the death and destruction of Sarah Jackson.
Hephaestus (10) Yesterday
Job Troubles
Susan Basley a displaced homemaker thought she had a job only to find out she didn't!
ladylove (58) 10 days ago
The Vultures
Wrote this a couple of nights ago.
JustNicoleValiukas (17) 11 days ago
What Is Wrong With Me?
A story about people not wanting to do things with you because of something they don't like about you. a true story. About me.
SmileyKitty (10) 11 days ago
Belive in your words
This is a story about a girl who is afraid to talk to others and how her grandfather helps her. Please comment!
SmileyKitty (10) 12 days ago
Short sad story
Wonderwall (15) 14 days ago
Some People Are Worth Hurting For..
Two bestfriends from childhood Amanda and Juliet get into a tradget accident leaving one with bad lungs and the other helps them live :(
CeCe (35) 18 days ago
Promise Me
this is a story about a girl whose only family is her terminally ill brother
eamurchison (13) 26 days ago
The story of a young gay man at a critical moment in his life.
jwbennett (33) 1 month ago
The Drifter
Ross is haunted by a lordly drifter's past
jfssandman (45) 1 month ago
krm1900 (17) 2 months ago
Brighter Days
Australia (and indeed the world in general) pisses me off sometimes. Excuse the language.
JustNicoleValiukas (17) 2 months ago
VictorReigns (32) 2 months ago
When All Light Dies
Those days when youre feeling down
superman21 (20) 2 months ago
I Will Let You Down
superman21 (20) 2 months ago
A life lesson I learned when I was young.(POEM)
Smitz (17) 2 months ago
Silent moments
His name is Sparky, a golden retriever with golden fur and a rapid personality.
Pipppy12 (15) 2 months ago
It's gone, his prized possession moved from his grasp, and his soul, split into two.
Pipppy12 (15) 2 months ago
Understanding my pain... A depression short story
Wolfsong (25) 2 months ago
Window Washing
A story of sadness witnessed by the person who's job was to clean the glass which separated one victim from another.
StoriesAreFeelingsOfLife (21) 2 months ago
A little girls story. (fiction)
Smitz (17) 2 months ago
Endless Loop
loops are endless until some one stops them
wezer16 (19) 2 months ago
The Strong Ones
This is what happens when your the strong one, and carry the weight of the world on your head.
wezer16 (19) 2 months ago
This Knife
Was having a bad mood yesterday, wrote this, decided to share it.(POEM)
Smitz (17) 3 months ago
The Sprite Bottle
A girl's short forward in life after her mom dies in a roller coaster accident.
Breanna Bodden (14) 3 months ago
A realistic kind of story...
Tohkou-Sama (13) 3 months ago
No More Drawings
Qwertyqu (15) 3 months ago
I lost a friend
A man struggles to find stability, and happiness. After feeling abandoned.
Rantrantrant101 (19) 4 months ago
The Fall
Drug abuse. Domestic violence.
carita70 (44) 4 months ago
Skinny 5
Appaloosa ranch just lost a patient, gained a new (and cruel) patient, and there's more changes to come.
Anonymoose (21) 5 months ago
Skinny 4
Alex is a patient at Appaloosa ranch in Arizona. She's being discharged shortly and doesn't know what will happen. She doesn't want to return home and has a secret rush on her best friend Bre.
Anonymoose (21) 5 months ago
Skinny 3
This version takes place in Appaloosa ranch through bre's perspective. Bre has been in treatment for 32 days, and her best friend Alex has a confession.
Anonymoose (21) 5 months ago
Genesis is a 16 year old girl who suffers from an eating disorder. It's all going to change when a text message turns into the biggest surprise she's ever had.
Anonymoose (21) 5 months ago
The Red Bud Tree
The red bud is a reminder of how much her mother loved those trees, and how much she loved and missed her mother.
SharonKrager (66) 5 months ago
Deepest apologies to my best friend
corinthtrisha22 (12) 5 months ago
A Broken Person
143 (18) 5 months ago
A poem I wrote while in treatment for my eating disorder.
Em (20) 6 months ago
Her Best-friend is Gone
Why do good people die? Those are the words that run through a teenagers mind night and day. She lingers around the house asking herself if she had done something wrong to deserve such pain. Why would God decide to cut short the life of her best-friend? N
Lusena (41) 6 months ago
Love Hurts
People love to hurt other people.
LoveHurts22 (18) 6 months ago
Five beers and a cigarette
Happy hour thoughts
abasse (32) 6 months ago
Stabbed In The Back
Crazy ex girlfriend rampage
abasse (32) 6 months ago
Vespasian Hylle - Saigon '75
Two faces of war: Truth Witnessed and "truth" created
ktjoseph (51) 6 months ago
One day
A delusional psycho path...who kills her sister without knowing...
futurerAuthor101 (15) 7 months ago
Not so easy...
Teenage tragedy...
futurerAuthor101 (15) 7 months ago
Just a random story I wrote when I was upset
Korria (16) 7 months ago
Father, Brother and The World
When everything is gone, the last speck of life is you, and only you.
Pipppy12 (15) 7 months ago
This is a sad tale
BasketballQueen111 (11) 7 months ago
My True Family
A family's great loss because of a secret they kept.
ronchenella (15) 7 months ago
Keeley Marie
Hang in there girl.
JustNicoleValiukas (17) 7 months ago
Keeley Marie
A poem I wrote when I was depressed. I've come so far since then and it wasn't even a year ago!!
JustNicoleValiukas (17) 7 months ago