Latest Sad Short Stories

The Red Bud Tree
The red bud is a reminder of how much her mother loved those trees, and how much she loved and missed her mother.
SharonKrager (65) - 2 days ago
Deepest apologies to my best friend
corinthtrisha22 (11) - 4 days ago
A Broken Person
143 (18) - 8 days ago
A poem I wrote while in treatment for my eating disorder.
Em (19) - 28 days ago
This is the story .
Em (19) - 28 days ago
Her Best-friend is Gone
Why do good people die? Those are the words that run through a teenagers mind night and day. She lingers around the house asking herself if she had done something wrong to deserve such pain. Why would God decide to cut short the life of her best-friend? N
Lusena (40) - 1 month ago
Love Hurts
People love to hurt other people.
LoveHurts22 (17) - 1 month ago
Five beers and a cigarette
Happy hour thoughts
abasse (32) - 1 month ago
Stabbed In The Back
Crazy ex girlfriend rampage
abasse (32) - 1 month ago
Vespasian Hylle - Saigon '75
Two faces of war: Truth Witnessed and "truth" created
ktjoseph (51) - 1 month ago
One day
A delusional psycho path...who kills her sister without knowing...
futurerAuthor101 (14) - 1 month ago
Not so easy...
Teenage tragedy...
futurerAuthor101 (14) - 1 month ago
Just a random story I wrote when I was upset
Korria (15) - 1 month ago
Father, Brother and The World
When everything is gone, the last speck of life is you, and only you.
Pipppy12 (15) - 1 month ago
This is a sad tale
BasketballQueen111 (11) - 1 month ago
My True Family
A family's great loss because of a secret they kept.
ronchenella (14) - 2 months ago
Keeley Marie
Hang in there girl.
JustNicoleValiukas (16) - 2 months ago
Keeley Marie
A poem I wrote when I was depressed. I've come so far since then and it wasn't even a year ago!!
JustNicoleValiukas (16) - 2 months ago
This is just thoughts and things on what I've been feeling lately. Hopefully nobody I know finds this story of mine.
keeleymarie14 (19) - 2 months ago
You Were The Guy
This is for you, Jake. You were the one that got it.
JustNicoleValiukas (16) - 2 months ago
The Launch
Short scene where a widower astronaut says goodbye to his daughter and sister-in-law before leaving for a mission.
Lia (21) - 2 months ago
Everybody Who Gave Up on Life
Poem not story. If we're gonna have issues, feel free to fight me... through the laptop. (*realises an international fight is not possible... unless its a sporting event*)
JustNicoleValiukas (16) - 2 months ago
A Soldier's Story
This is only a little bit of a story I am writing for English class. So comment, and like <3
Roxsey123 (15) - 3 months ago
A Brief Encounter
Mich, 14, has recently been submitted into the hospital for Post-Traumatic Amnesia. There, he meets Esther, a boy only a few years older than himself.
SheLexisYang (16) - 3 months ago
the problem page
a girl that takes care of everyone eles problems but can they help her?
bookworm (14) - 3 months ago
Such Pain
"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning"- Louis L'amour. (A STORY ABOUT A SICK LITLLE GIRL)
JustNicoleValiukas (16) - 3 months ago
The Bridge
I saw the bridge in my local park, surrounded by rowdy kids and stoic adults- but nobody went near it. It appeared to be a rare spot of calm in a calamity.
JustNicoleValiukas (16) - 3 months ago
You Are Your Father's Daughter (Chapter 1: Back To School)
A story of how a girl meets her father. This chapter is just setting up everything and how it is going to go down. so hope you like and please leave comments.
Roxsey123 (15) - 3 months ago
The heartbeats
This short story is about the girl, who wanted a special present from her mother, but at the same time,they were very shocked bout the accident that hits their family members. That was the girl who very cloudless girl known that she was suffered heart can
Ayue (17) - 3 months ago
I wrote this poem about my Nana she was the most wonderful woman and I loved her like a second Mam and Grandmother and Best friend all roled into one .
Simon Cowell (38) - 3 months ago
When You Think Of Me
Just a little poem I wrote
Simon Cowell (38) - 3 months ago
Now I Am Gone
This is actually a Poem I wrote , I hope you enjoy
Simon Cowell (38) - 3 months ago
Tribute To An Old Cat
For my dear Siamese cat, Mushroom, who has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Keadie (54) - 4 months ago
The Green Apple
A young boy befriends a surly old man and discovers his interesting past. updated now with part two. :) This is a Four part story, Part one and two are complete.
BumbleBee (18) - 4 months ago
A Little Boys Tears
A poem that reveals a little boys pain. He questions his father about the life that they live. They live on the streets with nothing to eat
Lynton (19) - 4 months ago
Bus Stop
Hi! I'm new and this is my first story. It is about Ava. And the tragic incident
awesomewriter8521 (10) - 5 months ago
The Ogre In The Basement
We were all excited to have Grandma come to stay in the bedroom in our basement, but she was not as excited as we were. Later we found out why.
SharonKrager (65) - 5 months ago
The Pain That Disguises You
A poem that reveals all the pain that one hides by putting on a disguise. Many of us dress in camouflage to hide what we really feel and hope that no one will notice. But the ones that really care will see right through us.
Lynton (19) - 5 months ago
The Heartaches Of Pain
This is a poem that many broken hearts can relate to.
Lynton (19) - 5 months ago
A Deluge of Tears
Lozza (16) - 5 months ago
Lost and Losing Myself
Taylor2016 (16) - 5 months ago
The Glory of Pain
A girl looses her sister, and loses her mind; choosing to drown her sorrows in self harm, rather than moving on.
LittleFeak (18) - 6 months ago
tragic ending of his life
a girl and a boy were in a accident
Pinkroses123 (16) - 6 months ago
Dear Mommy
Roxsey123 (15) - 8 months ago
the girl i use to love loves another, but that doesnt mean i don't miss her from time to time
Multitmoney15 (17) - 8 months ago
The Blood Princess chapter 1 and 2 and i think 3
a princess whos live is filled with depressin
emofreakofthecentury (15) - 8 months ago
you in the mind
very sad
Multitmoney15 (17) - 9 months ago
i remember when
im sorry that im In such a bad mood
emofreakofthecentury (15) - 9 months ago