Latest Sad Short Stories

A suicide note of hopelessness and pain...
kkhause (12) 3 days ago
The Man Who Never Lied
Two men are put in a hospital together, but little did they know. One of them wasn't telling the truth. But was it for their own good?
scnchez (47) 5 days ago
The Silent Song
A poem about pain and the suicidal children that society ignores until it's too late.
Allanah (16) 8 days ago
follow me on instagram @of.jayy. thanks for reading. :)
wanderlust (15) 10 days ago
Statue Of Labels
A girl who has a hard time with depression and harashment from kids
Bailey12 (23) 12 days ago
Butterfly With Broken Wings
A Story from the darkest places in the darkest dreams on the darkest of nights.
kkhause (12) 18 days ago
In The Confusion Of A Girl's Mind
stuck in the middle of two different love given to me
missyjileyn (16) 20 days ago
she's perfect...
lozanoa (15) 27 days ago
Jane thinks she had finally gotten the love of her life but it turns out that her heart is yet to be broken and torn.
Caysterraaj (26) 1 month ago
kill me
a girls dream to die
dying_dreams (14) 1 month ago
Young Love
We were more than that.
poemsdie (14) 1 month ago
This Has Been Removed From Shortstories101
You never know what your last words will be
kcarbile (12) 1 month ago
Ivy's mother dead,she finds it necessary for us to capture some lesson from it.
moseskuria (20) 1 month ago
a short poem about suicide
kcarbile (12) 1 month ago
Story of loneliness, his best friend
kadaba (39) 1 month ago
This story is true it happened to me yesterday and I just wanted to write it because no one believes me. Read it and you will find out what I mean by no one believes me.
PatriciaLynnSlaughter20 (15) 1 month ago
To the one i used to call bestfriend
what i have to say about the one that used to be my ride or die
TrinnideyAnn (15) 2 months ago
R.I.P April
gone but not forgotten and never will be R.I.P April Post
TrinnideyAnn (15) 2 months ago
A girl. Parents with cancer. A graveyard.
Rue056 (34) 2 months ago
A girl. Parents with cancer. A graveyard.
Rue056 (34) 2 months ago
He did
This is about the honest truth read to find out
gottastartsomewhere (16) 2 months ago
I don't really know a brief description of this story so I guess you will have to read it to figure out.
PatriciaLynnSlaughter20 (15) 2 months ago
I'M Gone
when i lost my brother i felt alone i wanted to die but then something happend
Blackveil2323 (13) 2 months ago
I've always felt alone for some reason.
Blackveil2323 (13) 2 months ago
I Miss You - Part One.
Yeah, it's true.
poemsdie (14) 2 months ago
Devastating Loss.
Not really anything good, I just felt like writing a sad story. There is some language.
Sillywinter (20) 2 months ago
A man decides to take a nice stroll through a dreary day.
WizardTheJi (14) 2 months ago
Avery is a very stubborn girl. She hits her parents when she throws a fit, but her parents try not to hit her back. One day A stanger comes into their house..
Apotatoslife (15) 2 months ago
My Life
This is a story about what happened to me today. I hope you learn from it. Thanks!
PatriciaLynnSlaughter20 (15) 2 months ago
Why Am I Here
sometimes i think why am i here am i specail?? well this is why i think like that.
Blackveil2323 (13) 2 months ago
when you whant to be free from some one you go through extreme measurse
Blackveil2323 (13) 2 months ago
It wasn't meant to be
This story is about a boy and a girl being best friends for a long long time up until one morning something went wrong and one of them gave up. Read to figure out which one gave up. Just a warning it is really sad.
PatriciaLynnSlaughter20 (15) 2 months ago
Can I Go
This is what i thought and still thinking everyday when i lost my brother.
Blackveil2323 (13) 2 months ago
This is poem about my brother who passed away when he was 16.
Blackveil2323 (13) 2 months ago
Why Do You Have Scars On Your Legs?
some people have scars from falling on the ground but not me i have them from the blades that ran across my legs and wrist.people ask Why do you have scars on your legs? I dont tell them i just ignore them.
Blackveil2323 (13) 2 months ago
The girl who's all alone
She was alone in the world with no one to guide her through her mistakes and help her get back up when she got put down.
PatriciaLynnSlaughter20 (15) 2 months ago
She Lost All Hope
A story about a girl being bullied at school (True story it happened to me sadly)
PatriciaLynnSlaughter20 (15) 2 months ago
Running through the maze of life, being chased by a monster stronger than the rest.
f-girl4444 (14) 3 months ago
Sad Memories
a story of a girl that can't forget a sad memories
stevanus (13) 3 months ago
The Love
I'm lonely someone save me from this nightmare
bibigonzo04 (17) 3 months ago
The Love
I'm lonely someone save me from this nightmare
bibigonzo04 (17) 3 months ago
Heart Broken
Can't turn back now.
sadstory (15) 3 months ago
Look Me In The Eye
Anna paced the room, she was pulling on her hair as silent streams of tears ran down her face. Her mother was laying the hospital bed across the room. Anna kept her gaze on the floor not daring to look at the lifeless face of Elizabeth Jones.
VampireReject (20) 3 months ago
If you're stuck too, then I'm sorry. :(
CharleneYourTourGuide (17) 3 months ago
My Almost Lover
He hit me, why did he do that?
bibigonzo04 (17) 3 months ago
Just short thoughts
youraveragenobody (21) 3 months ago
Pain Never Leaves (Continued)
Sarah continues in life.
ArtisticLife (13) 3 months ago
Pain Never Leaves
A young girl is abused by her Father but is terrified of seeking help.
ArtisticLife (13) 3 months ago
Your first love will forever be in your thoughts
youraveragenobody (21) 3 months ago
Thoughts In My Head
When you're alone, you only have your thoughts to base yourself off of.
youraveragenobody (21) 3 months ago