Latest Sad Short Stories

Why Am I Here
sometimes i think why am i here am i specail?? well this is why i think like that.
jordanmiller123 (16) 3 days ago
when you whant to be free from some one you go through extreme measurse
jordanmiller123 (16) 3 days ago
It wasn't meant to be
This story is about a boy and a girl being best friends for a long long time up until one morning something went wrong and one of them gave up. Read to figure out which one gave up. Just a warning it is really sad.
PatriciaLynnSlaughter20 (15) 3 days ago
Can I Go
This is what i thought and still thinking everyday when i lost my brother.
jordanmiller123 (16) 4 days ago
This is poem about my brother who passed away when he was 16.
jordanmiller123 (16) 4 days ago
Why Do You Have Scars On Your Legs?
some people have scars from falling on the ground but not me i have them from the blades that ran across my legs and wrist.people ask Why do you have scars on your legs? I dont tell them i just ignore them.
jordanmiller123 (16) 4 days ago
The girl who's all alone
She was alone in the world with no one to guide her through her mistakes and help her get back up when she got put down.
PatriciaLynnSlaughter20 (15) 4 days ago
She Lost All Hope
A story about a girl being bullied at school (True story it happened to me sadly)
PatriciaLynnSlaughter20 (15) 4 days ago
Running through the maze of life, being chased by a monster stronger than the rest.
f-girl4444 (14) 15 days ago
Sad Memories
a story of a girl that can't forget a sad memories
stevanus (13) 21 days ago
The Love
I'm lonely someone save me from this nightmare
bibigonzo04 (17) 27 days ago
The Love
I'm lonely someone save me from this nightmare
bibigonzo04 (17) 27 days ago
Heart Broken
Can't turn back now.
sadstory (15) 28 days ago
Look Me In The Eye
Anna paced the room, she was pulling on her hair as silent streams of tears ran down her face. Her mother was laying the hospital bed across the room. Anna kept her gaze on the floor not daring to look at the lifeless face of Elizabeth Jones.
VampireReject (20) 29 days ago
If you're stuck too, then I'm sorry. :(
CharleneYourTourGuide (17) 1 month ago
My Almost Lover
He hit me, why did he do that?
bibigonzo04 (17) 1 month ago
Just short thoughts
youraveragenobody (20) 1 month ago
Pain Never Leaves (Continued)
Sarah continues in life.
ArtisticLife (13) 1 month ago
Pain Never Leaves
A young girl is abused by her Father but is terrified of seeking help.
ArtisticLife (13) 1 month ago
Your first love will forever be in your thoughts
youraveragenobody (20) 1 month ago
Thoughts In My Head
When you're alone, you only have your thoughts to base yourself off of.
youraveragenobody (20) 1 month ago
i tried
just thoughts that you might relate to. very real thoughts, i may add.
illbok (26) 1 month ago
This Feeling
Something I just wrote.
WhiteDragon562 (14) 1 month ago
Why did I do it?
This is a true story about one of my very close friends. She had a rough childhood and life in general. This is only half of her story but the rest is for later. There are many more bigger details hidden within this story for later.
king2979 (19) 1 month ago
The One That Got Away
here is a story of true love but in the end it isnt love
destinym101 (19) 1 month ago
So Alone
My feeling being the new student in middle school
mylife101 (12) 1 month ago
Easy Way Out
No one deserves the easy way out
youraveragenobody (20) 1 month ago
I was sitting at the Mcdonalds and this came to mind. It´s not really good, but I tried. I´m also working on my diction. :)
wanderlust (15) 1 month ago
You didn´t notice...
anyone who actually reads my stuff and likes it should follow me on instagram @wonderlvvst
wanderlust (15) 2 months ago
4am thoughts
more writing because i can´t sleep
wanderlust (15) 2 months ago
Chance Andrews
He was my bestfriend, my shoulder to cry on and vice versa, he was the only person in this world that I trusted. Chance took his life April 11, 2014. This is for you Chance.
wanderlust (15) 2 months ago
Lost Child
It's about how a father left his child behind..
Nessie19 (19) 2 months ago
The Person Who Hides
This short poem tells you what kind of person I am inside...
Nessie19 (19) 2 months ago
Stranger Walking By
Infatuating blindness
mindful_ideas (20) 2 months ago
Please Don'T Die
Ummmmm this is sad plz read .... its also true
Pandagirlswag34 (19) 2 months ago
I saw her she saw me
This Story means a lot to me. Thanking You for reading
Wave777 (20) 2 months ago
I wish I could just be ALONE
How people think they can relate to your problems when they can't and they end up making the situation worse.
Life_is_Hard (13) 3 months ago
Being judged by everyone around you can make you think about some weird stuff.
Life_is_Hard (13) 3 months ago
Falling, falling, falling
If you want something sad... here you go.
Life_is_Hard (13) 3 months ago
Broken Friendship
Terrifying yet true. This is actually how I felt about my friends for a very long time.
Life_is_Hard (13) 3 months ago
A story/poem about when things that we don't play on come into our lives and ruin everything.... Well, maybe not everything.
Life_is_Hard (13) 3 months ago
Dark Night
A sad yet thought triggering poem by me in my earlier days of writing.
Life_is_Hard (13) 3 months ago
What Do I Worry About?
Sometimes you don't care anymore.
Pipppy12 (16) 3 months ago
Never Again
A poem about life and love.
Life_is_Hard (13) 3 months ago
| Why Lie ? |🔚📍🔻😜
Does it hurt to tell the truth instead of letting someone believe what's clearly not real..?
iNat (19) 3 months ago
A sad poem about a friend who dies after getting hit by a truck
cri (22) 3 months ago
What is going on?!?
This is the story of my break-up😭
Kiki_Kicks (13) 3 months ago
Depression is not easy, sometimes it's hard to define or hard to explain. I thought I would try and write a piece about how I see it to be.
Harper (19) 3 months ago
The emptiness that cannot be filled
EverythingWillBeAlright (19) 3 months ago
suicide note; my final words.
wanderlust (15) 3 months ago