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tomorrow will be the day i will say goodbye
tomorrow will be the day i will no longer cry
tomorrow i'll show you just how much you hurt me
tomorrow i will be gone, you just wait and see
tomorrow will be the day all the abuse will stop
tomorrow will be the day my last tear will drop
tomorrow a knife is what my heart will be on
tomorrow is the day i will be gone

my first parents we druggatics and left me in a burning building to die. i was only three. i was adopted when i was 7, but they sent me back to the foster home. i hated that place. i was adopted again when i was 10, my foster parents sent me back. i was finally adopted again when i was 14. i'm abused by my foster parents everyday. they threaten to kill me if i say a word about what they do. at school im constantly made fun of. i just can take it anymore. i wish i had died in that fire. but tomorrow it'll all be over.

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