Latest Short Ghost Stories

Guises Of The Reaper
short ghost story
Christine71 (29) 1 month ago
Misterious Wife
The husband finds out something shocking over the baby moniter
PinkiePie22 (15) 2 months ago
Ghost boy
This is literally SCARY!
PinkiePie22 (15) 2 months ago
A poem about everything
superman21 (20) 3 months ago
Monster In The Closet
You have no idea what u Are going to go through
Waynejesinawo (16) 4 months ago
That's Not mine
Woman is visited by old friend and discovers a strange baby
corycates (26) 9 months ago
The hat
this story is about a evil hat
Lovingtheworld33 (11) 10 months ago
Americas Ghosts Part 1
A man must help his dead friend complete his work of returning civil war silver.
Danbn (47) 1 year ago
A girl who was born with Razor sharp teeth Does her best to live a normal life. But what happens when A man with a gun comes into her school? Will her teeth be put to good use ?
purpleluver4life (45) 1 year ago
The will to protect 21
21 has now come out! yay this one I beleve is the longest Ive wrote
doveandgrenade101 (30) 1 year ago
The will to protect 7
can we get over 40 views for this story? oh and i meant 07 instead of just 7
doveandgrenade101 (30) 1 year ago
The Haunted. part 2
friends to frenemies
MzDiggy (18) 1 year ago
The Mystery of Hawksville
The tale of the small community of Hawksville in the 1800s and the bizarre curse the came upon the little town.
martinflemingak (19) 1 year ago
The Haunted. part 1
MzDiggy (18) 1 year ago
β€œHE” stealthily walks in the woods
No one has seen him. He stealthily walks in the woods kills whoever crosses his path. Villagers rarely venture into the thick foliage as they fear for their dear lives. A ghost story that sends a chill down the reader's spine. A twist in the tale. Believ
sachin (46) 1 year ago
I think i'll be brave (chapter 1)
Its not really a ghost story. Its more about vampires and warewolfs etc. Chapter 1 is an introduction to the characters etc. It may help you understand the story more if you have ever watched or read
Ashleeexoh (17) 2 years ago
The Volunteer
Almost everybody has a fear of going to the dentist. Roger's fear goes a step farther: or does it?
mwac (58) 2 years ago
Ghost what are they?
Teddie (17) 2 years ago
The Barn
jakeytv (22) 2 years ago
The Thought Journal of Kyle Hank
This is not my best work but I felt like getting it out there so here!
Princess_Laina (18) 2 years ago
Directed Into Silence
A young man takes a wrong turn and ends up in the abandoned ash covered town of Greenvale. Is he alone?
martinflemingak (19) 2 years ago
just a poem.
akumumasochist (18) 2 years ago
... too late the tallyman... begins
... a local legend inspires historian to seek out the rest of the story...
PeterHunter (74) 2 years ago
Gallows Lane
... experience on lonely road... terrifies Bobbi...
PeterHunter (74) 2 years ago
the wind
Multitmoney15 (18) 2 years ago
... long ago...
PeterHunter (74) 2 years ago
Days Of Wings And Engines - part 2
Some of the aircfraft I have owned...
PeterHunter (74) 2 years ago
Hilton's Story...
... did he really see a man who died 596 years ago...
PeterHunter (74) 3 years ago
Reflections of the past
Was she ready to love again? What was holding her back? – An erotic Christmas story... Sexual content so is suitable for ages 18+
angie65 (49) 3 years ago
the un-existing do exist
its about a mom who is concerned about her chlid and realizes.......
aheadfullofwords (22) 3 years ago
Block 54
mjen (19) 3 years ago
The Ghost of Jake
8823johnh (34) 3 years ago
Dawn's Passing
A short glimpse into a girls haunting bedtime.
tjackson (27) 3 years ago
New Girl
Not my best work. I just felt like I had to make a ghost story. Email me
Bitter (20) 3 years ago