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Why Is There an Angel on Top of the Christmas Tree?
Story by Galaxian (28)
A funny Christmas Story where Santa feels the frustrations of being Father Christmas.
1 min
Words: 252
Read Time: 1 min
His First Time 18+
Story by Galaxian (28)
Funny story about a young guy who tells his parents about his first time, with a very funny twist at the end.
<1 min
Words: 155
Read Time: <1 min
One Night With a Call Girl 18+
Story by SubashAnjuru (38)
The most beautiful stories of life happen in those dark places where you never dare to go..
25 mins
Words: 5048
Read Time: 25 mins
Clever Hans
Story by Galaxian (28)
The mother of Hans said: ’Whither away, Hans?’ Hans answered: ’To Gretel.’ ’Behave well, H... (continued)
5 mins
Words: 1025
Read Time: 5 mins
Pretend You Don't See Her
The cruelty of bullies...
1 min
Words: 240
Read Time: 1 min
Bullseye 18+
Story by djreed7100 (50)
butterflies and fire
3 mins
Words: 641
Read Time: 3 mins
Infinite Lives Online - Sh**ing Pixels 18+
Story by Elven Steele (39)
This short encounter is a small introduction to a much larger GameLit/LitRPG world of my own creation: Infinite Lives Online.
25 mins
Words: 5195
Read Time: 25 mins
Day Blaze
Story by djreed7100 (50)
Roland is about to shoot when he suddenly pump fakes. I'm not falling for it. I squirm out, 'yea Rol... (continued)
3 mins
Words: 647
Read Time: 3 mins
Story by jwbennett (40)
The story of a young gay man at a critical moment in his life.
11 mins
Words: 2342
Read Time: 11 mins
Tardy 18+
An old blusterer complains about younger people...
6 mins
Words: 1345
Read Time: 6 mins
Stolen Night
Story by djreed7100 (50)
Sun comes up....
2 mins
Words: 466
Read Time: 2 mins
Story by Alexis Kypridemos (34)
The story of what really happened to Leonidas and his 300 men that fateful day in Hot Gates, 480 BC.
<1 min
Words: 194
Read Time: <1 min
Story by djreed7100 (50)
... (continued)
2 mins
Words: 445
Read Time: 2 mins
Story by Alexis Kypridemos (34)
All Makis wants is one crummy bagel, but a purse snatcher gets in his way.
2 mins
Words: 566
Read Time: 2 mins
Not so easy...
Story by futurerAuthor101 (22)
Teenage tragedy...
1 min
Words: 327
Read Time: 1 min
Brace for It!
Story by Anngem (44)
A humorous take on one girl's strong belief that the apocalypse is a hoax and how her beliefs become a reality.
10 mins
Words: 2132
Read Time: 10 mins
Multiple Organisms
Story by BellyBuster (49)
Two people with multiple personalities meet and a relationships develops.
13 mins
Words: 2609
Read Time: 13 mins
Patience, by Dr. Philbilly
Story by DrPhilbilly (54)
Dr. Philbilly takes a beat down at the church house from none other than his wife.
2 mins
Words: 572
Read Time: 2 mins
Girls Come Home 18+
Story by Suma (45)
A story about three sisters, three women who have grown apart, but now making a conscious effort to come close because the forces that did it for them are no longer there.
22 mins
Words: 4496
Read Time: 22 mins
The End & The Beginning
Story by Rosita Wijnberg (31)
The end of Earth and a beginning of a new planet.
<1 min
Words: 176
Read Time: <1 min
Pulse 18+
Story by Doublezmagnum (22)
A scary story about mutation and surgery and more!
23 mins
Words: 4779
Read Time: 23 mins