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Wilbert the Wizard and the Mountain of Enchantments
Story by Mr. Mills (14)
Wilbert embarks on a journey to teach Frostwing to fly, receiving unexpected wisdom from the Mountain of Enchantments.
6 mins
Words: 1247
Read Time: 6 mins
Zombie Part1
Story by ● ﹏☉ (15)
The beginning of a strange and unlikely adventure.
1 min
Words: 362
Read Time: 1 min
The First Meet
Poem by wilkersont425 (17)
This is a ballad. Plz read and enjoy
<1 min
Words: 181
Read Time: <1 min
Left for Dead (Lazarus Affliction, Prolouge Part 2 18+
Story by Quill (28)
Time is running out to escape Perth and the deadly infection that is sweeping the city. Note- if you have not yet read part one, I recommend reading that first to understand the story.
38 mins
Words: 7671
Read Time: 38 mins
Hero's Journey
Story by wise_6irl (13)
Terra and Reverser They are two superheroes in a world of villainy
19 mins
Words: 3992
Read Time: 19 mins
The Lonely Swan (#3) .... Together Alone (Chapters 1 - 9)
Story by Amber Leaghes (48)
In a world where brutality rules, a young girl walks the lands in order to fulfill a promise she made to those she loved and lost. (Chapters 1 - 9) (Chapters 10 - 11 to follow)
43 mins
Words: 8756
Read Time: 43 mins
The Traitor Part 2
Story by wise_6irl (13)
This is the second part of the snow white remix I am writing.
6 mins
Words: 1238
Read Time: 6 mins
May You Always Find Your Way Home…
Story by IsLoveAnIllusion (13)
In times like this, will you choose your friends and families...or yourself?
2 mins
Words: 488
Read Time: 2 mins
Story by Zer0 (14)
Rolling and crashing....they bellow...
1 min
Words: 202
Read Time: 1 min
Outbreak (Lazarus Affliction Series, Prologue Part 1) 18+
Story by Quill (28)
Set in the near future, the Western Australian city of Perth, has been invaded by an unknown pathogen that is turning healthy people into flesh eating monsters.
28 mins
Words: 5658
Read Time: 28 mins
Moon Stars
Story by Ruddy (18)
Star is happy and energetic, Moon is cold and distant However when they meet they instantly become good friends (Screenplay)
2 mins
Words: 458
Read Time: 2 mins
~ Rose Petals 2 ~
Story by Zer0 (14)
What a curse it is to be born a girl.
9 mins
Words: 1975
Read Time: 9 mins
Rose Petals
Story by Zer0 (14)
Rose Petals ~ Chapter 1
15 mins
Words: 3055
Read Time: 15 mins
Just a Small Girl in a Big World
Story by H2o (13)
Hi, my name is Zyla, and I'm a demigod who has a magical tiara and is not afraid to use it.
3 mins
Words: 693
Read Time: 3 mins
The Prince
Story by Optimism101 (14)
A red guy and a normal guy walk into a park.
1 min
Words: 225
Read Time: 1 min
Esper Chapter 2
Story by Zer0 (14)
Genetic modification will bring doom to us all.
10 mins
Words: 2051
Read Time: 10 mins
Hereward the Outlaw
Story by Matt Bailey (35)
One thousand years ago Hereward rose up in rebellion against his oppressors and fought for freedom.
7 mins
Words: 1501
Read Time: 7 mins
A Girl Standing Above the World |Part 2/3|
Story by Zer0 (14)
This is so terrible. Ugh...
3 mins
Words: 791
Read Time: 3 mins
Girl in the Water
Story by Myrawiles (15)
This is a story about A girl that competes in swimming at Orange Beach Alabama.
2 mins
Words: 479
Read Time: 2 mins
Story by Zer0 (14)
Scary story. I tried, ok?
1 min
Words: 247
Read Time: 1 min
The Red Star (Part 3)
Story by ● ﹏☉ (15)
Chapter 2: The basement is a labyrinth?
1 min
Words: 264
Read Time: 1 min