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Book 1: Ramsey Doogetwadset
Story by Savage3footer (15)
Funny story about two kids on earth who encounter some problems. THERE IS A SECOND BOOK, So if you liked this one read it!
6 mins
Words: 1326
Read Time: 6 mins
Book 2: The Adventure
Story by Savage3footer (15)
Good Story!!!!!!
5 mins
Words: 1093
Read Time: 5 mins
Green Bin One
Story by Nathan M Green (47)
Young boy travels the stars to help save his unborn brother.
4 mins
Words: 874
Read Time: 4 mins
Story by ashwin (27)
A young boy's vengeance versus nature's fastest beast.
4 mins
Words: 847
Read Time: 4 mins
Story by Thomas Ray (15)
An author wasting his time?
1 min
Words: 377
Read Time: 1 min
Forbidden Love (Part 1)
Story by JustSomeGirl (17)
A story about a young girl who's sure that she is forever alone, and is nothin worth anything.
2 mins
Words: 573
Read Time: 2 mins
Kitty CATastrophe
Story by MEME____QUEEN (19)
A story about a Human girl who turns into a cat. Hope ya like it! Rate this please :) ^-^
12 mins
Words: 2521
Read Time: 12 mins
The Two Kingdoms
Story by TheForgotten (16)
Two children raised in two rival kingdoms...
4 mins
Words: 863
Read Time: 4 mins
Story by Misty Poulson (14)
We all run from something, and it always catches up, always...a girl with no memory of her identity is running, but why? And will whatever it is catch up?
2 mins
Words: 506
Read Time: 2 mins
I'm a Survivor!
Story by Voltron-lover26 (15)
<1 min
Words: 196
Read Time: <1 min
Story by stanley wilkin (62)
A group of ordinary men in a small midlands town set up a club to discuss, plan and execute murders. It is a hobby of sorts.
10 mins
Words: 2116
Read Time: 10 mins
Thunder Always Follows Lighting
Story by Aspen-Faye (13)
The worst thunderstorm in memory hits the town of Warhawk....
1 min
Words: 349
Read Time: 1 min
Adopt Me
Story by Sam_Angela (32)
Being born into a wealthy house hold doesn't mean you have everything in the world. Young Caroline Krisky survives the fire that burnes down her house. Caroline goes into a orphanage center, where she falls into a loving family.
4 mins
Words: 987
Read Time: 4 mins
A Story Of Death.
Story by Hephaestus (14)
A story of the death and destruction of Sarah Jackson.
1 min
Words: 354
Read Time: 1 min
Story by EagertoWrite44 (47)
A story of children sticking together.
2 mins
Words: 444
Read Time: 2 mins
Age 20
Story by Aoife (21)
This is the past and present of a small girl with a broken past, each story is just a fragment of her broken memory.
3 mins
Words: 748
Read Time: 3 mins
Where Did You Go?
Story by Myrawiles (15)
A boy named Thomas went in the woods with his friend named Joe they went down two different paths and out comes a scream.
2 mins
Words: 546
Read Time: 2 mins
Story by Thomas Ray (15)
Assassination, stories that put you to sleep. Words that kill.
17 mins
Words: 3576
Read Time: 17 mins
Memories of Nam 18+
Story by Benartflick (69)
This is a memoir of my time serving in Vietnam from 1968 to 169. A brief look at what I witnessed and went through.
27 mins
Words: 5490
Read Time: 27 mins
The Shortest Dead End
Story by Kat (19)
An alien in a courporation for his planet is trying to restore the happiness of a human child - when suddenly he succeeds!
1 min
Words: 294
Read Time: 1 min
Soul of the Stalker (Lex Talionis #4) 18+
Story by robertmoons (62)
What's worse than a serial killer? A serial killer with superhuman powers.
 The top of the food chain? Maybe, but then, he hasn't run into the predator of serial killers.
30 mins
Words: 6189
Read Time: 30 mins