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The Break
Story by supernova (14)
Why can't she tell her? Why doesn't she know? Why doesn't she remember?
2 mins
Words: 518
Read Time: 2 mins
Down to Earth
Poem by Matt Decker (41)
How does it feel to know that this world is not your true home?
<1 min
Words: 171
Read Time: <1 min
Nupe and Spooner
Story by Tapper (51)
A young man gets a job in a mysterious company that trade in people’s time. It is a dark but strangely acceptable world that leads to greed and destruction.
49 mins
Words: 9848
Read Time: 49 mins
My Beautiful Wife
Story by Kish (24)
Short scary story
5 mins
Words: 1124
Read Time: 5 mins
Infinite Lives Online - Sh**ing Pixels 18+
Story by Elven Steele (36)
This short encounter is a small introduction to a much larger GameLit/LitRPG world of my own creation: Infinite Lives Online.
25 mins
Words: 5195
Read Time: 25 mins
Story by Matt Decker (41)
Social media has been set "ablaze" by the video footage. A glowing ball of orange intervenes in a horrific apartment building inferno, saving many lives and averting complete disaster.
8 mins
Words: 1606
Read Time: 8 mins
Help, My Dog Has Nanofleas!
Story by mindfulhumor (55)
A futuristic businessman utilizes the help of a robotic assistant to corner the nanoflea market.
6 mins
Words: 1397
Read Time: 6 mins
Story by Franc68 (50)
A science fiction story.
24 mins
Words: 4982
Read Time: 24 mins
Story by Matt Decker (41)
WARNING: You might never look at a bug the same way again...
<1 min
Words: 185
Read Time: <1 min
The Martian Chronicler
Story by Franc68 (50)
A science fiction short story.
20 mins
Words: 4100
Read Time: 20 mins
The Cottage at the Edge of the Universe
Story by Robert Slater (22)
The story follows a broken soldier as he is sent back in time to win the Nazi's the war. Stranded in time he encounters many horrors which all lead him to the cottage at the edge of the universe
36 mins
Words: 7393
Read Time: 36 mins
The Case Of Arthur Stapleton
Story by Franc68 (50)
Arthur Stapleton is a man obsessed with the destruction of his Midwestern town in America. He builds a bunker and warns the rest of the townspeople, but they refuse to believe him.
20 mins
Words: 4193
Read Time: 20 mins
Traffic in the Attic!
Story by Matt Decker (41)
So there's this kid named Alex. While the grownups are navigating traffic, he's got a slightly different problem...
<1 min
Words: 184
Read Time: <1 min
Story by Franc68 (50)
A new patient by the name of Maxwell Caldwell arrives, at the Dexter Asylum outside of Providence, Rhode Island. There is a haunting mystery about Mr. Caldwell that his psychiatrist at the asylum must
27 mins
Words: 5487
Read Time: 27 mins
Caster the Furniture Ghost
Story by Matt Decker (41)
When there's something strange moving your furniture around...
1 min
Words: 296
Read Time: 1 min
The Itty-Bitty City
Story by Matt Decker (41)
For the tiny inhabitants of Miniopolis, size matters.
5 mins
Words: 1048
Read Time: 5 mins
The Spiritual Technologists
Story by Matt Decker (41)
An extraterrestrial message reveals a new paradigm in technological advancement.
<1 min
Words: 179
Read Time: <1 min
Do The Droid (DokTor Droyd)
Story by Matt Decker (41)
A new dance track tops the charts, performed by a robot rapper. These are the lyrics...
1 min
Words: 373
Read Time: 1 min
The Dolls
Story by LovelyCh_b (14)
Eiza sneaks a peek at a horror movie, her parents told her she couldn't watch. She then develops a fear of dolls, is it just all in her head?
4 mins
Words: 978
Read Time: 4 mins
Poem by Matt Decker (41)
A cosmic castaway finally awakens to his true origin and identity.
1 min
Words: 379
Read Time: 1 min
Fate of the Timelord - Part 1
Story by JHACK14 (15)
A story of of a Timelord who messes up time by one small mistake.
4 mins
Words: 851
Read Time: 4 mins