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14 and pregnant

14 and pregnant

By bluexo

at 14 years old , the summer after grade 8 , I met a boy & fell in love . we ended up going to the same high school . he got kicked out in november , as did I . I went to an alternative school , he just dropped out . we continued to date , but things didn't keep going as good as they did as first . he became abusive and controlling . on my 15 th birthday we faught and broke up . 2 days later I relised I was a week late . I called & made up , told him the situation , & got him to buy a test . I couldn't read the test so we went to the hospital , & found out that I was 5 weeks pregnant . I knew right then I would keep the baby , I always loved children .. but I was still very scared about telling my family , on the other hand very excited to tell my friends , I knew they'd be happy for me . so about three weeks passed & me and my bf broke up , my motherly instinct kicked in & I relised he was not the type of person I wanted in mine or my childs life . another month passed , luckily my family found out from another source .. so I didn't have to worry about telling them . they were extreamly mad , threatening to kick me and & make me have an abortion , which I would never even consider doing , so i faught & agreed to move out into a home for young moms . over time they calmed down , let me live home & help raise the baby . I finished grade 9 , bought everything I needed for the baby , & met an amazing guy . then come fall the day was here . I went through 30 hours of labour , 1 hour of pushing , failed , had a c section , & finally after all I went through the past 10 months , my baby boy was here <3 I immediatly fell in love . since then I took the year off school & raised my son who is now 9 months old , happy as can be & healthy :) . I could not be happier & would not change anything . the moral of my story is everything happens for a reason , I was a troubled teenager , using drugs , being around the wrong people , but the day I found out I was pregnant my life changed for the better and I've grown up so much . I've been clean since I found out I was pregnant . instead of going out & partying , everyday I wake up to my beautiful son , take care of him all day , & go to sleep , & I would never go back . I believe my son came into my life so early to save me from ruining my life . I am very pro life , & my story just goes to show that no matter how young or what the situation , you can do it , I did it all on my own with no baby daddy in the picture what so ever . keep your head up & be strong , because at the end of all the stress & bs , your life changes for the better .

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11 Aug, 2011

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