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Change What?
Change What?

Change What?

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Why should I change? Why should I do anything other than being myself? It's called personality, and I don't see the word edit anywhere in there, nor do I see the word mirror. I'm not gonna act, walk, talk, dress, or laugh like you, because then it wouldn't be "me". "Me" should be defined by the way "I" act and the word you isn't a part of it. I will continue to act out my own habits the way only I can like I normally do because that's the way I am. In my eyes changing yourself is the same as running away. You wouldn't isolate yourself from the people you love and trust just because a some random person told you to, would you?

The phrase "You can't run away" is an ideal for the strong. You're not always wrong. Society, the world, the people around you - often someone else is in the wrong. To think that you can change is adapting to this cruel, indifferent, crappy world. It's admitting defeat and servility. You're simply deceiving yourself by dressing it up with pretty words.

Author Notes: People call me ignorant. I don't think ignorance is necessarily a bad thing. The more you know, the more problems you have.

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13 Jan, 2020
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