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Dead End

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Dead End

By Shriverg19

When it first started no one was ready. The virus took down the country the and eventually the continent. North America had become a desilent wasteland in a hellish figure. I have to live in the hell hole that now is Apocolyptica. Thats what my team calls it anyway.

My name is Max. Im 26 years old and im trying to survive hell despite the fact that zombies are around every corner trying to eat my face off. Well the infected are anyway. The virus is what causes the zombies. It gets in your brain stem and takes control of every muscle system in your body. It cant bring back the dead. It takes over only seconds before you die. Hell i oughta know. I watched it happen to my mom.

She died in the first week. She was bit while trying to fill up the gas tank. Figures.

After she died i headed to Shelbyville from my house in Indianapolis and met new survivors. The survivors i met were My newe friend Jason and my wanna be girlfriend Clara. Jason i wasnt sure about when i first met him. But Clara on the other hand, well i was planning to tap that all along.

We fight the dead all of the time. Well i guess the undead. Whatever. Anyway i gotta go. I found a playboy in the trunk and i will tap that with liquid soon. LOL. By.


Author Notes: Part 2 coming soon


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15 Apr, 2013
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