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YOU CAN DO IT! I yell at my best friend Drake as he lines up for a big race at the track meet. He doesn't look up to smile. Now I know hes 100% focused. Drake is the fastest kid I know. Hes been having it rough with his family cause his dad and mom are currently trying to get a divorce. His aunt and uncle don't wanna take care of him. Hes gonna be switching schools and moving away from Kansas all the way to Ohio to live with his grandparents because his parents got violent and the state will no longer allow them to be around their child. It's amazing how quickly your life can change from the actions of others. I can imagine it especially hurts when it was your own parents too.

I remember all the times me, him and a few other friends and hung out on this track to talk about school, family, video games, girls, and so many other things. He was really the group leader. He was the one who introduced himself and went out of his way to make friends with all of us. He was the one who brought us together on the weekends to run around on the track and those few times we stole candy from the supermarket. Oh those were the best days of our teenage idiotic lives. 3 years in middle school and the 2 years we made into high school.

It's been 11 months since he moved out. The gang hasn't come together since. One friend got a job at a fast food restaurant. One went under the influence of drugs. Another is on his third girlfriend. What about me? I still go to that track every day looking at the second lane starting point where Drake did his last run. It wasn't any more than 3 years after he moved that he commit suicide.

I've never had another friend quite like Drake.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading.

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30 Apr, 2019
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