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Egyptian Helper CPU

Egyptian Helper CPU

By Rukasu

In the 1900's, a man's wife got him a computer scince he wanted one so bad.He got one for fathers day in which he wasn't a father just yet.

When he plugged in in he got all the set-ups and everything else manualy that is needed for a computer. The only thing he didn't have set up was the E-Mail accounts or the home page completley.

After he was done at about 2:00 A.M., he went to bed with his wife. This is when everything odd happened...

About two minutes after turning it on, it turned on, so he turned it off. it did this over and pver for a good 20 minutes or so. Then he decided he would leave it on, and thats where it seemed to get worse.

Then egyption symbols and messages started to apear up on the screen. As he would watch them come they would slowley fade away, then an odd message would come up on the screen.He talked to the odd compputer for a while as it kept having symboles and then messages over and over.


MAN: Where are you, whats your name?

MESSAGES: I'm Dr.Alexander and i'm in an egyption pyrimid.

MAN: How did you get in there?

MESSAGES: I can't really remember how.

MAN: How low is you're computer / laptop battery?

MESSAGES: I don't have a computer at all.

MAN: How are you speaking to me right now?

MESSAGES: Please no more questions, just get help.

Just at the moment he tried to sent a message to Dr.Alexander, but he wasn't responding him at that point. The mans wife called everything she thought of that could possibly help find and save him while he tried to get a response from him.

About a day later the Police, Fire fighters, and most of everything else saved him with a rope. It turns out he was doing research on aliens that apperently appeared there and he somehow appeared inside of the pyrimid. weirdest part is that there was no Laptop or computer found in the pyrimid.

I honestly believe that he was somehow connected to that computer and was sending messages to it with his mind. WHAT?!?!?! Theres a possibility.

Author Notes: Now it's complete...

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12 Apr, 2013
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