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My whole life i have wanted peace on earth. I tried all that i could but never anything worked. I wanted all people to be happy. But all i really did was fail to make peace with people. I could not even be at peace with my neighbour Ember, but that was not my fault. She was evil. Pure evil. I swear she must be the devil. Even when we were kids, she was only happy when others were in pain. She was always the one on the block to jump on the chance to beat people half to death. She was always the first to be shooting fire crackers at the weak kids. She was part of a gang sometimes, but mostly she killed alone. She was a truly evil person, and now one of the only two people left on earth.

I lay on the ground looking up at the polluted sky. It still doesn't feel real. It doesn't seem possible that the toxin released it the air killed everyone. But i step one foot outside and i'll probably be standing on a dead body. It had to be Ember-Linn that i got stuck with. Of all people i get the queen of negativity. Why could i not have gotten my mother? Why not my best friend? Why was i sitting here in a gas mask next to my enemy. Why did she have to be my enemy? Why? I wish i could wonder that but i already knew the answer. Because she’s just a bitch. She didn’t have to go out of her way to bring everyone into this misery since grade six. She did not have to cause so many tears and cuts. She didn’t have to be the one to find the other gas mask. But she did. She did. And everything she ever did never seemed to cause guilt. She only smiles in others anguish. Laughing and every article in the newspaper about the latest teen hanging in our suicidal town. How am i going to survive with nothing but Ember in my corner.

The sky seems worse than ever. Gray and black. I was starting to lose hope. As if my hope just floated away on a little boat. As i was sinking in my thoughts Ember finally opens her fat ass mouth. “What the hell are you are doing starting at that messed up sky again” she uttered at me. “Something a lot more intelligent than you, flunk” i shot back. That shuts her right up. She has teased people straight to death, so she's used to others coming after her for revenge and their words just ricochet. I’m really the only who can get to her. I know how to make her squirm. Just bringing up the fact she failed 8th grade and then dropped out. Something i know she's not proud of, but she never really cared about school. But she squirms at that or that she blames her “crazy disease” for every weird thing she does. I know she would never try to pull that crap with me. Things people said to her that bounced right off her seemed to cling to her when it came out of my mouth. It’s not like i liked hurting her. A tiny bit of the time i felt bad. But i had to stick up for all those kids who were helpless against her. But those same kids were helpless against the gas. And i couldn’t save them. It doesn't really matter who i saved when i couldn’t keep them from this.

For once i wake up and i don’t bother looking up at the sky. Ember notices, i can tell. For the first time in a week i look at her. She seems to have gotten herself quite a collection. “Stealing again?” i ask. Wouldn’t be the first time i thought. “Look ya cockalorum, these people are all dead. Why do they care if i have their pocket knives? It’s not like they need them in hell” “Oh” i replied “look at you using big smart words. I wouldn’t expect a word like cockalorun from a pillock” at that her fist formed. But before she raises them, she put them down. “Okay look” she shoots “if we're stuck together here i don’t want to put up with your genius shit.” I laugh “oh, so i guess passing high school makes me genius to a mooncalf” And with that Ember knocks my lights out. “Milksop” she mutters as she walks away.

That cretin is really getting on my nerves. Shes stolen pretty much every knife she could find. And what did she cut? Her freaking arm. She wanted to see how much blood she could get out without feeling light headed. Then she put it in a jar and ask me to do it and then wanted to see who got more. As if she needing to be any more messed up. “Is this what you and your wanker friends do?” i ask. “You mean my dead friends right” she corrects. “Finally a victory for you” i tell her “you finally managed to correct me” she's been trying to for years. Even since grade seven when i got her back for what she did in grade six. I cover my face just thinking of the humiliation she caused me that day. I still don’t completely forgive her, but there are only two people left on earth he has to forgive her to have finally achieved world peace. Even if she is a harebrained bitch.

My plan for world peace is crashing down on my head. Ember is the worst. THE WORST. You know what she did today? SHAVED HALF MY HEAD AND DYED THE OTHER HALF PURPLE! That freaking deficient peice of shit. How could anyone make peace with a demon like her? I’m tempted to rip that gas mask right off her face and watch her die, the hell! I would even film it so i could watch it over and over again. I can't freaking stand her. If the world wasn’t all dead, i swear someone would of stuck her jail. The place she was always going to end up. Either jail or hell. Just as i’m thinking the demon speaks “so joe what ya think of your new hair” “I think” i start “that you are the biggest peice of shit on this earth, you need to go die in a hole and i told you to stop calling me joe. My name is drew and it’s always been” “no” she says “it’s joe. It'll always be joe. And your hair doesn't make you look like another preppy stuck up genius, so i don’t wanna hear your shit.” i think for a minute before responding. Just as i’m about to “cat got your tongue joe? Or are you to soft to respond? Being apathetic as always? She shoots “don’t bother answering joe” she says “i already know the answer” with that she walks away leaving me scowling.

“Fix your face joe” i look up to see Ember staring straight at me. I get off the ground my fists ready. “Oh joe, joe. Put those down. You really think you can fight me? I mean you might be able to try, but you’ll never win. It will end just like last time.” she nods towards the scar and my forehead. “And we both know little joe couldn’t handle another one of those, cause he’s a milksop” she shoots. “Sometimes brains are better than brawn” i remind her. Her face turns bright red at that. I smile smugly at her as if reminding her that i'll always be smarter. That makes her throw the first punch. I dodge the first but my nose catches the second. The gas mask cracks. I watch in terror as my only lifeline slips away. I panic as the lights go out....

I wake up and look up to the pitch black sky. I lay there for a second wondering if i’m in heaven. This doesn't feel like heaven. “Get up joe”. Suddenly i know i’m in hell. “You're not dead genius” Ember says, it’s like she's reading my thoughts. Ember pushes me up. Hard. suddenly i realize i’m wearing a gas mask that’s crack free, and Ember is staring at me. “You okay there?” instantly i’m terrified. This is the first time she ever showed even the tiniest sign of anything but hate. “Please don’t kill me!” i scream in fear. With this Ember starts laughing hysterically, which makes me even more terrified. “Joe you’re a freaking nut job, ya know”. This makes me feel like such an idiot. Funny. The dropout making me feel like an idiot. “Oh and joe, your mind is way too easy to read”.

I look up a the black sky conflicted. Ember almost killed me and the saved my life. Ember Linn Bassow. The crazy psycho. Saved. My. Life. I don’t know how to feel. Should i thank her for saving me? Should i be mad at her for almost killing me? I look over at her to see her carving her wrist again. “What are you doing now?” i ask finally. “Not much joe. Just marking down today. By the way…” she shows me her wrist and from the blood pouring from it, i make out the shape or a dead guy in a broken gas mask “this is what you looked like”. She wipes off the blood as i examine it more closely. It is very well drawn, especially because it was done with a pocket knife. It was small but the pictures were drawn perfectly, features clear and perfect. She even got the scar she put on my forehead in 7th grade right. I couldn't believe Ember did this. In elementary she did good in art. At least when she went. After third grade she stopped. She would walk the halls at times when she used to draw. Started skipping art the way she did with every other class. She may be a flunk but she sure had to be creative to skip class in elementary. Ember must has keep up art out of class. What i wonder is why she didn't do it at school.

I woke up this morning and got off the floor and looked at the black sky though the sun roof. It looks just as hopeless as Ember’s education. Speaking of Ember, this is the first morning she’s not here at 8 in the morning. I check around and i can’t find her anywhere. She uasally leaves around nine thrity. This made me curious. I never knew where she's been going these last two weeks. I notice the polish from her boots making marks on the floor, they go out the door. Because i have nothing better to do, i let my curiosity lead me out the door. I followed the polish until i reached an old alleyway. Normally i would be terrified to go down this alleyway in fear of getting beaten to a pulp. Not that Ember won’t happily beat me to a pulp now. As i walk though i see Ember painting on a wall with what looks like… “HOLY SHIT” I yell. “Is that human blood Ember?” “calm down you prissy piece of shit” she replies. “These people don’t need it anyway” “THEY DON'T NEED IT ANYWAY!” i sputter. “Ember you are so fucking idiotic! Like what the hell is wrong with you! You can’t just do this shit randomly! Youre nothing but a retarded failure! You should just hang yourself! Get it over with! No one wants you here!” as soon as i said that i wished i could take it back. For the second time in 18 years i've seen Ember run off. She's never backed off a fight before. Verbal or fist, she never back down. Except one time. 7th grade 2011. Playground at deer river elementary. Drew talking with some friends about grade six. Topic comes to Ember and what she did to drew. Drew, feeling humiliated looked over at where Ember was sitting by a tree writing in a journal. Drew begins walking towards her. “Hey ember whatcha doing?” “none of you business joe” “feisty aren't we Ember? What are you writing? More of your idiotic poetry? Or just scribbling like a kindergartner? We all know you're just about as smart as one” “i’m not an idiot joe you ass” “really?” joe asks “so, you can tell me Ember what does angst mean?” Ember stand still thinking as joe speaks again “what about brusque?” once again Ember stands there blank faced. “That’s what i thought Ember. Just go hang yourself. No one wants you here. Just except it!” Ember tries to hit drew with the journal but misses. Drew takes the book and trips Ember. Ember gets off the ground where she fell and ran off… that memory if still fresh in my head. I had never read Embers journal. I never got rid of it. It’s still under the loose floor board or my room. I rushed back home and found the journal. Hesitating, i opened it up and started reading.

Grade 6

Sept 5


Another day at this shitty foster home. This place is hell. Actual hell. I swear miss mara is the devil and the kids are her demons. At least something interesting happened at school today. I finally put that know it all joe, in his place. He sold me out to the man at school today. Teachers found out i’m the one who burned the word “kill” into the way 26 times. I know it must have been him who snitched. He was the only one who caught me doing it. I Had to take him down. It happened at recess. Beat him to a pulp in front of the whole grade. I didn’t know which was redder, his face or his blood. It was funny as hell. The only thing keeping me happy as i got home to this hell hole.

I close it and try to wrap my mind around this. I can’t even remember if i snitched. I can’t remember much. I mean Ember did give me a concussion that day. Instantly i feel like i've missed so much about Ember.

I wake up the next day and head to the alley. I see Ember and i’m just about to open my stupid mouth, but at the moment i trip and fall face first. I freeze in terror as my mask shatters. I start blinking out as Ember rushing towards me. She removes her gas mask as she lifts up my face. As i look up i see Ember take a lighter out of her pocket and sets her eyelash a fire as she lay down on the ground she closed her eyes for the last time. “Enjoy world peace joe” I watch as i she her face turn to ashes and her heart to embers. Once again Ember Linn Bassow saved my life. I look up at the wall to see written in blood “get it over with” and the most beautiful picture of Ember hanging from the O. I sunk to the ground as he watched her face turn to ashes and her soul to Embers.

Author Notes: please, please comment. i really need feedback on this. :) Drew(Joe) and Embers are based of real people BTW.

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5 Dec, 2017
Drama, Tragedy, Non-Fiction
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