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Chapter 1

Google and I have been flirting for a while now. I think Google likes me.

  • Chapter 2

    I also think she is cheating with Yahoo to see me. That is what my friend Bing said. No one really likes him so he just puts random stuff out to receive attention.

  • Chapter 3

    Google has a little sister called Youtube, who is annoying as hell. She always thinks of new ideas, but none of them are any good. Also, she has a little brother Google Plus, who's even more annoying.

  • Chapter 4

    And then there's me, Firefox, but just liked to be called Fox. I don't have many friends except for Bing and a few others. I do have a series of enimies though, such as Google Chrome (Google's cousin) and Safari.

  • Chapter 5

    Some of my friends are Facebook and Twitter. Even though they are super popular, I spend more time with Google than with them. Sorry, guys!

    Google is really easy to work with, and she has lots of friends. I do like them, though I prefer her cousins, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slideshow.

  • Chapter 6

    I've gotten a little closer with Instagram but she's best friends with one of my enemies, Snapchat. Google is still my favorite though. Did you know she came out with a phone?!?! How crazy is that?!?! She's amazing.

  • Chapter 7

    Google has been my friend for such a long time, but another person came in, and his name is Internet Explorer. He's so slow and he crashes a lot. He's a bully, so I added him to my enemies list. Google doesn't like him either, so we avoided him and hung out with Google Slideshow, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Google's other cousin, Google Play is coming by soon. She really likes music, and she seems really nice, from what Google says.

  • Chapter 8

Yahoo is getting more attention now, so it's hard to get Google's attention often. I'm quite jealous of her. So when she hosts a party on New Years Day, they were both the start of the show. I feel so terrible. I... I tried to uninstall Yahoo. Google undid it quickly. I don't know if she loves me anymore. She tried to talk to me, but I went on Error 404 for a while until she could finally get me to reload my page. She told me Yahoo and her weren't even really a thing anymore. She said I hadn't gotten much attention because Google had been searching the web for ideas of a break up. My fire burned like crazy as Google asked me if she could be my home page. I really felt like pressing the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.

  • Chapter 9

Then there's Google Forms. He's always asking questions and getting into people's business, but he means well. We hang out a lot. We have a lot of fun together, and I foresee more adventures in the future. This needs a sequel.

Chapter 10

I think I should ask out Google. We would make a great pair. Though I am not sure, since Google is friends with many of my enemies. Especially since she's related to Netflix, (her older brother), he's so dull. Netflix and Youtube are always fighting. He is just as annoying as the rest of Googles siblings. He's never up to date on the latest trends, which gets boring since he's always suggesting to people uninteresting things. I don't know if i want to deal with that. Oh well, I guess Google just got friend-zoned.

  • Chapter 11

Google is one of my favorite person but have any of you seen her niece google+ she is the weirdest thing it the world she never talks to anyone and she thinks she is the shit

Chapter 12

Eventually, me and Google are going to get together and create a new browser. Opera says that this is a bad idea, that we were never meant to be together. We ignored her. Nobody even knows who she is, anyway. Netscape, my grandfather, also had his concerns. Banging his cane around, he made a few choice remarks about Google that I didn't care for. His yelling sounded like dial-up noises. I tried unplugging him from his DLS cord to see if that helped, but then his CPU started to overheat. That was slightly embarrassing. Anyway, despite their concerns, me and Google had a happy wedding, and an even happier marriage. We even had a kid, like we were dreaming of. You might know her. Her name is Google Safe Search.

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14 Jan, 2017
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