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Greek Dinner

Greek Dinner

By Alexis Kypridemos

"Griechenland!" Wolfgang snapped at Alexis, the headwaiter.
"Und Schnel!" added Angela, sitting next to Wolfgang at the same table.
"Ja," said their friend, Jeroen, lazily. He didn't seem to care much either way.
"Pour some water for these people while I get their order, Yanni" Alexis said to the busboy, Yanis.
"It's Yanis, not Yannis, you illiterate buffoon," Yanis muttered under his breath as he duly poured water for the demanding customers.
Alexis went into the kitchen and fought with the cooks, who didn't want to prepare this particular dish, but eventually Alexis had his way, and walked out with Greece on a silver platter.
As Alexis walked over to the table, Yanis decided that he was the one who deserved to be the headwaiter, not Alexis.
Watch me dance the pentozali like John Travolta, Yanis thought, and stuck his foot out in front of Alexis.
Alexis tripped on Yanis' foot, and dropped the tray.
Greece crashed onto the floor and broke into a thousand smithereens.
Alexis, Angela, Wolfgang and Jeroen all looked down at the damage.
Alexis looked at his customers and offered, "Can I get you Spain or Portugal instead?"

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About The Author
Alexis Kypridemos
About This Story
6 Jul, 2015
Read Time
1 min
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