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HITTING – a Love Story
HITTING – a Love Story

HITTING – a Love Story


“Lynn, why are you hitting me?”

“For not telling me sooner, you jackass.”

“I don’t know how.”

“Kelly, for Christ’s sake. There are three very simple words that cover it.”

“And those words are? Let go, you’re hurting me.”

“You know what words they are. Now say them.”

“Let go. OW!”

“No. Not until you say them. Come on.”

“Okay, okay, just let go.”

“What’s the first word?”


“Very good. Now, what’s the second word?”


“Ow is not the second word. I’m gonna count to three and then I’m really gonna hurt you.”


“And the last word, you twerp? Stop crying for God’s sake.”


“Why didn’t you say those words months ago? Please, stop crying.”

“I was afraid.”

“Of what?”

“Afraid you might laugh at me.”

“Kelly, you’re my best friend. I’d never laugh at you.”

“Yeah, but beating the crap out of me doesn’t seem to bother you.”

“That’s different.”

“No, it’s not. I don’t understand why you’re so angry.”


“Because why?”

“… Fear.”

“Fear of what?

“That you’d walk away.”

“Walk away? What the hell are you talking about?”

“If I told you …”

“Told me what?”

“That …”

“That what?”

“That I’m …”

“That I’m what?”

“That I’m in …”

“In what, for Pete’s sake.”

‘Love … with you.”



“Kelly! Open the God damned door or I’ll break it down.”

“Promise you won’t hit me again.”

“I won’t hit you again.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Just hold you … for the rest of our lives.”

“Oh, my God.”

“What the hell are you crying about now?”

“I’m not crying.”

“Open the door. Please.”


“Kelly, come here, you simpleton.”

“OW! What did you do that for?”

“This is the happiest moment of my life and I don’t want you to ever forget it.”

“You could have thought of a better way to make that point. That really hurt.”

“Here, let me kiss it … better?”

“Yeah … over here.”

“But I didn’t hit you there.”


“Yeah, right. Anywhere else?”

“Here. And stop laughing. Just kiss it.”

“Does that feel better?”

“Almost. Now, here … don’t bite it, kiss it.”


The End

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About This Story
16 Nov, 2017
Comedy, Romance

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