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I’ll be There Tomorrow to High Five you Yesterday

I’ll be There Tomorrow to High Five you Yesterday

By Rukasu


1. Time Travel NOW
2. Way Out
3. Others T.V.
4. Tomorrow's yesterday
5. Yesterday's tomorrow
6. Wishing
7. Replay: gnihsiw
8. Years beyond time
9. Remember
10. Edom rorrim
11. Finding and losing
12. Explosion
13. No Earth
14. Wiped out

Chapter One

Having to know an impossible to do phrase (I'll be there tomorrow to high five you yesterday), I decided it was about time I made it possible, Somehow.
My name is Rukasu Tyler Stevenson, and I have a love for strange, mythical phrases and animals. I have proven a lot of things in my life that my parents, friends and other people I talk to, don't believe. I won't go into too much detail though, just to save you brains from over sizing or something weird like that.
Today my friend, Skaff Johnson, was helping me build a time machine, or what he calls it a duhickey, so I could prove the "impossible to do phrase" (I'll be there tomorrow to high five you yesterday) was possible.
Skaff: Dude, there will never be such a thing as a time machine.
Me: Oh, whatever. Well could you please put on your big boy panties and give me a screw driver.
Skaff: Fine,*He handed me the screw driver* wait, I don't wear panties
We both shared a laugh and some orange juice he brought a while back when he went to get the screw driver. I had been working on this time machine secretly in my (For some reason) huge closet. In there I have a Time machine in the works, a table for simple snacks, a T.V., and enough room to fit me and Aayd.
Me: Okay, I think I would need a few more bolts to finish the surroundings to the pink twister of a portal, if it works. And I don't think my mom or dad have any spares with them or around the house.
Aayd: Why can't you just skip that so we can get you myth stuff over with?
Me: Because then the future/past would eventually cover the world without anything to hold it back, then Cavemen, Dinosaurs, Indians, Black Knits, Kings, queens, Walt Disney, Floating cars, The Jetsons, Big/ Foot, Aliens, Trolls, and wild pier shooters and robots would be able to move freely around the earth willy-nilly! And we would be stuck under the endless evaporation of time or a portal with no air that we can breathe and eventually die like birds eating rice, or marshmallows. (I learned from the history channel that bird's blow-up when they eat marshmallows or rice)
He stared at me freighted and I think he was starting to regret asking it for some odd apparent reason. I asked him to go to his house and ask his dad if we can have about 10 bolts. He came back about 3 minutes later and told me his dad said he was happy to help with my crazy imagination and that he would like to see this "time machine" when I'm done, and then he supposedly chuckled.
Aayd: Okay man, I got the screws you need for this, doohickey. If it works, I'll do your homework for the rest of 6th grade, I'll give you my allowance for 5 years, and do whatever you want, whenever you want, as long as it's humanly possible.
Me: You sure, that's a lot coming from you?
He said yes and gave me the bolts and watched me screw them in. The lever was in the ground and I was about ready to turn it on. I plugged it in slowly to cherish the moment then slowly moved the lever to my right and an explosion of pink dimension flew through my closet and we starred at each other in shock as it blew wind from time and space alike in our hair.
Me: Told you it would work.
I screamed to my mom I was going to play in the back yard and had Skaff call his dad about the same thing. I pretty much forgot what I had ever learned from my life and only one thing was in my head at that very moment. I was going to go into time.

Author Notes: When there is 500 views, I'll make a part two!

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15 Apr, 2013
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3 mins
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