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I'm Blue
I'm Blue

I'm Blue

4 Reviews

I am feeling blue. You left me for another guy because your friends told you to. Now it hurts and your absence makes it worse.
All my efforts of trying to forget you are useless. I kept the pictures and the memories that came with them. I still look upon them every now and then even though it hurts because I would rather feel pain than nothing at all. You tried to kill yourself and I still stood by you, cried for you, wished for things to get better for you but you grew cold and quiet. I tried to talk to you but you ignored my presence and walked away. Its not like I was clingy either I gave you space and let things be quiet for a short while. Didn't see you for the whole 3 weeks of it. If I could go back and change one thing I would take away summer. Then we wouldn't have to worry about being away for so long. It's sad that I see you walking by in these halls every day and There's nothing I can say to you. For if I tried I know you would only ignore me. I need to hold you, to cry on your shoulder, to let all of my emotions out. I wish to care for you with all the love I posses but it would be pointless for I know you would push me away without a single moments hesitation. I love you. I need you. Every day is an endless purgatory without you. If you are to ever read this I only ask that you do the bear minimum of staying alive.

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1 May, 2019
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