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Intro to the World of Isuka

Intro to the World of Isuka

By Kuro - 2 Reviews

In this world there are many races such as Angels, Demons, humans, lizard people, cat people, elves and many more.
There is also a great variety of different types of magic.

One day the angel race decided the other races were only an irritating obstacle in the way of their future evolution and cultural expansion. So all members in the high counsel of angels came together and planed out the extermination of all the other races. However they couldn't hide it for very long and soon a member of the demon race found out but couldn't escape in time to alert the other races and that only put the angels plan into action faster and they framed The demon race for the evil plans and so the war began.

With so many races against the demon race and no one allied with the demons they soon fell miserably.The only members of the demon race that remain now are half bloods the few who weren't a part of the war and those who surrendered.

In the last moments of his life the demon King Alvin managed to hide his most powerful weapon in "The Wandering Library." The Wandering Library is a massive library the size of a small town that floats 3 inches off the ground and slowly travels from place to place around the world. No one knows who built the library in fact only 70% of the library is used by the public because there is a sequence of magical labyrinths' in the libraries basement which is were Alvin hid his weapon.

(Present day)
As of right now the world is somewhat at peace. Nothing major is going on.Soon the peace and quiet will either turn into an adventurous, exciting, and humorous fairy tale or, the world will become a bloody battlefield with nothing but sadness and despair as the angels ruthlessly slaughter their victims.

Our hero is staring off into the horizon wishing they could be part of an epic adventure to kill their boredom and have something to look forward to.

Little do they know their wish is about to come true.
Whether or not our hero is ready to take in the truth and save the world or dies trying has yet to be seen as the story will soon unravel.

Author Notes: I'm not sure. should the main character be a boy or a girl?

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4 Apr, 2019
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1 min
4.5 (2 reviews)

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