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Left on Delivered
Left on Delivered
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Left on Delivered

kamili_102kamili jones

Hey you,

I texted you yesterday. You never replied, how could you reply? Your dead. How could I forget your dead? I can still see your smile, the way you flipped your hair whenever it used to bother you, It feels like your still here still standing their with your friends, Laughing and smiling. I can see you so clearly that I fool myself by thinking I could just reach out and touch you, hug you, but I can't. I can't tell you, how beautiful you are, or how happy your smile makes me. I cant get to know you, I cant see you, the real you. I lost my chance. What if I text you everyday, maybe your seeing them. Right? your not all the way gone, you cant be. you cant! why did you have to go? why did you have to leave us? I can beg the sky to give you back to us, but the sky never replies. All the shooting stars give wished on, have never given me what give wanted. so why would they give me something I needed? I can cry every night, screaming at myself in my head, questioning myself "why was it not me...why?" I could cut my wrists, to make myself hurt for letting you go, but that wouldn't help would it? It wouldn't bring you back, it wouldn't stop me from crying, it wouldn't stop your mom from wondering what she did wrong, or your brother from wishing he should you that he loved you. We could all just give up right now, throw everything away and stop living, but we would be letting you down. so I will live a life for the both of us. your tied to me, stuck with me.

PS. I love you

All of my love,

kamili J

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kamili jones
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24 Jan, 2020
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1 min
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