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By DD051005 - 9 Reviews

When I was younger I was taught that you make mistakes to learn from them, but when your foster parents don’t care enough about you to make you feel loved it causes a problem. You lock yourself in your room, you hide because your scared of the next thing. Me I honestly can’t step foot outside of my room because I’m scared I’m scared that they are gonna hurt me again.

As much as I don’t want to admit it I don’t like it here. The only reason I’m still alive is because of some people I met on here and my boyfriend. My mom and dad left me at a young age. My mom had another little girl and decided to come back into my listen I was three years old. My mom and little sister ended up getting into a car wreck the week after. Luckily my little sister was able to save a little girl who was dying from a heart condition. I was left with my dad who decided to rape me at age 1, CPS got involved and took me to my grandparents and I stayed there for 11 years then I was raped by my grandfather on my 12 birthday. Now I’m in foster with 7 other children and get hit a lot.

Author Notes: Don’t hesitate to text me I love talking to you guys

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23 Jan, 2020
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