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Molly Pt.2
Molly Pt.2
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Molly Pt.2


We walked out of the park, "Whos the dad Molly?," I say asking demanding.

"J-Jake," she says trying to hold back tears.

I didn't say anything about Jake, he was popular but really stupid I had to tutor him a couple times for the finals. " Why did he hook up with you..," I say trying to not offend her." "I told you! We were drunk!," she says growing anger. I didn't say anything, we got into my car a stopped at a Burger King.

" What do you wanna eat Molly," I say. She was looking up at the food that she could eat at Burger King,"I don't really want anything," she says."How many weeks are you pregnant," I say whispering.

" E-eight weeks," she says staring at her phone. ''EIGHT WEEKS!!" I say to her, "AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME!". Soon everyone started to look at us, I gave them a akward smile and rushed Molly and I to the bathroom. " Why didn't you tell me?, "I thought it wasn't very important.... But then I started to throw up and use the bathroom a lot".

"Then my teachers were getting curious, and I almost had to go to the nurse.". she says looking at her belly." I cant use my credit card anymore.. My parents can see the things that I can buy," she says," I almost got caught buying my pills," "oh... Well my mom still has the medications for my neighbor..

I can buy you some clothes too, I have a $100 gift card," I say giving her a tight hug. We both walk out of bathroom and soon my food was ready. I ate my French fries and my burger trying not to make her jealous," Are you going to be okay? You can stay for the night at my place.."

"Okay, I'll ask my mom. She takes her phone and gives a quick call to her mom and then gives me and big thumbs up. " Did she say okay?," "yhea," she says, Soon we got into the car and drive to her place. She got her clothes and her stuff and put it in a duffel bag and headed outside to the car. "Can we go to target.. My pajamas are really small now", she says staring at my glasses,'Uh, sure!," I say starting the car.

And we drove off

Author Notes: Comment if you liked it! Also comment if you want some more!


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14 Feb, 2017
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