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Mother Says She Wants Me Dead Reviews

7 reviews have given an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 Stars
Thomas Ray gave a rating of 5

It's brave to share this opinion. Looking at the reviews is kind of funny because most of them are people agreeing with you, and those reviews are downvoted to -4 or some such number, and it just amuses me that they're completely silent but still feel spiteful and angry enough to do that.
Guys, if you're reading this, just learn to deal with other people having and expressing opinions that are different than yours.

LemonSqueez gave a rating of 5

I think abortions are okay, but that doesn't mean this is bad writing because it is pretty good and I'm glad you put your opinion/belief out there for everyone to see. Not exactly the easiest thing to do.

Aaron Sebastians gave a rating of 5

I just so happen to come back to this story to see that people are making "leading-statements of belief" towards others and that saddens me. It seems that people just assume, based on the comment counts of positives and negatives, that people are judging others based on a belief/opinion even when they didn't express it.
So I deleted my first review on this poem that gave this 4 stars because we have opposite beliefs and now this is a new review and I give this writing all stars even when I have an opposite belief/opinion.
Thank you AaronTheRocker for writing something that may go against other's belief/opinion, because you are playing by the "rules" of human nature.

𝓒𝓾𝓻𝓽𝓲𝓼 If asking a question and providing an example counts as judgment.
sad_lonly_lover gave a rating of 5

i love this

Amber Jones gave a rating of 5

Way to truly speak your mind here! Sometimes that's hard to do in this world when people shut down your opinion without really giving you a chance to express them. Good job.

Aaron Sebastians
Aaron Sebastians Amber, just keep this in mind. It is your mind, your thought, your voice, your belief. Although it seems E.C is telling his point about his thoughts and possibilities to your's, don't let it bother you because it seems he believes you're on the idea that abortion "may be wrong", even though you only brought up the idea of Aaron voicing his opinion/belief. Never did you say you're on either side saying it is right or wrong or circumstantial, maybe you don't even have a chosen side for this topic, I don't know. Your opinion/belief may change, but the keyword is "may". Just do whatever you think is right at the moment because it is your mind and it is not wrong to state whatever you believe at any given moment.
Zekken gave a rating of 3

It's not always a bad thing.


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