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By Alexis Kypridemos

by Alexis Kypridemos
Teenaged Jimmy and Leon sat on Jimmy's bed, staring into space.
"I'm hungry," Jimmy said.
"I think I've got a peanut in my pocket."
"Want to share?"
Leon took the peanut from his pocket. He held it so tightly, so as not to drop it, that he accidentally squeezed it out his hand.
They stared at the ground. It wasn't there. Leon looked under the sheets. Jimmy leaned so far over the corner of the bed that he fell under it.
He shot up a moment later, pushing the mattress and Leon to the floor. He stood victorious, the peanut in his hand.
"I found it!"
Leon stood up and dusted himself off. At Jimmy's desk, they cut the peanut in half with a penknife. They each put their half in their mouths and chewed. It was like crunching granite.
"I'm still hungry," Jimmy said.
"The low carb diet isn't for everyone," Leon conceded. He took some coins out of his pocket and spread them out on his palm, counting them. Sixty three cents.
"We could eat out."
Jimmy looked uneasy at the suggestion.
"Better not. I, uh, had a bad experience once."
Leon remembered Jimmy telling him about a time at a restaurant when he had been served a human ass. Leon nodded and put the money back in his pocket.
"Wait a minute," Jimmy said. "I think I saved my snack from school last week."
Jimmy unzipped his school bag and held it upside down, spilling its contents on the floor. He sifted through the crumpled notebooks and dug up a crusted individual pizza, still wrapped in stained grease paper. He tapped it with his knuckle. Stiff as a corpse.
He started to snap it into two halves. The pizza growled. He flung it into the cupboard and locked the door.
"Dude," Leon said excitedly and shook Jimmy by the shoulder. "I just remembered; before she left, your mom said she left a casserole in the oven."
"I know," Jimmy said without enthusiasm. "But I don’t feel like casserole."
The End

Author Notes: "Munchies" is part of "Fiction Fix," a collection of 46 short, funny stories, plus 196 bonus micro fiction budget stories, available at

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Alexis Kypridemos
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14 Apr, 2014
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1 min
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