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my family

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my family

By krisykat

Once upon a time there were five children there names were Allan, Brenna, claret, dean, and eddy they were all brothers and sisters Allan went for a walk in the forest to see the pretty green trees but then he suddenly attracted some bears and the slowly mold him to death and then the next day Brenna went swimming in the ocean and was attacked by a shark I washed up on the shore and slowly an painfully died the next day claret was walking and stumbled and got hit by a car she died instantly the net day dean was sitting in his room when he was slowly hacked into pieces and the one who did it was eddy eddy led Allan into the forest and put meat smelling sauce on his clothes and watch his brother be eaten by bears then he pushed his sister Brenna off the diving cliff into the ocean were the shark were swimming he loved and cared about his sister claret so he ended her life quickly by pushing her into the streets to get hit my a car and then his last victim eddy his mean older brother he slowly killed him for the constant teasing he got his revenge but where is he now in an insane asylum were he's happy but wait didn't he escape no one knows where he is all we know is that kid come up missing every month so he can have some fun


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3 Apr, 2013
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