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My Mom is Part of What? Chapter 11

My Mom is Part of What? Chapter 11

By PhoebeWang

Byron, Andy, and Cylde watched as Mandy was let down from her place up in the trees. Lisa kept her distance using Daniel as a shield. It was smart of her considering how Mandy couldn't stop glaring at her, promising vengeance. At least she didn't try anything which surprised them. They thought for sure she would still try to attack Lisa even though Reba promised to make sure it didn't happen.

"Well," started Nancy, "now that's out of the way. Why don't we take a break and go out for lunch? Even if you're not hungry, it wouldn't hurt to get something small to eat."

They all shared a look. The fight between Mandy and Lisa hadn't been that long. They had literally talked about lunch a couple minutes ago. All the ones who didn't Nancy that well wondered if she wasn't feeling well or was just crazy. The ones that did know her just internally sighed and wondered why she was like this or just didn't care.

Lisa sighed. "It is getting hot. Who wants ice cream?"

All the children immediately raised their hand. Even if they weren't hungry enough for lunch, there was always room for ice cream. Reba, Ethel, and Mandy glared at her for suggesting such a thing to their kids since they didn't even have lunch yet. Lisa didn't notice as she was looking at Pain and Amanda knowing quite well that they certainly didn't have lunch yet.

"That sounds like a great idea. Let's go. I know the perfect place," said Nancy.

That's how they ended up in line, staring at the menu about fish? Byron, Andy, and Cylde didn't see how fish had anything to do with ice cream and were deeply disappointed. Everyone else was busy deciding what they wanted to order from the menu. None of the other customers behind them seemed to mind how they were taking so long to order. In fact, most either kept their distance or just walked right back out.

"I'm sorry to waste the lunch you spent time to make for me," said Phrynosoma.

Lisa waved off his words. "It's fine. You can have it for lunch tomorrow, but make sure to take it with you next time."

"I will remember that."

"Is anyone allergic to seafood?" asked Nancy.

Patricia gave her a look and shot right back, "Shouldn't you have asked that before we got here?"

"I didn't think of it until we got here."

"It doesn't look like it," commented Carl as he studied everyone's face to see if they were against it. "Let's just order already."

"Kids, is there anything you want in particular?" asked Reba.

The trio took a brief look at the menu before shaking their heads. They just wanted the ice cream they were promised. In the end, they were sent off to find some tables while the adults waited for the food to be ready. Amanda and Pain followed close behind them as they scanned for empty tables. None of the table looked like they were meant for more than a group of four. Not to mention some of them were dirty.

It didn't help that the place didn't seem very big. They could see one end of the room to the other quite easily. They were forced to split up to find tables for the entire group. The end result was they took up several tables close but not next to each other. Taking their seats, it didn't take very long for everyone to show up and take their seats.

"I can't believe you invited your brother," said Lisa as she sat down next to Nancy. "Isn't he busy working?"

"It should be his lunch break. Besides, he can always eat while working."

"He shouldn't be eating while working. That's the whole point of a lunch break."

Andy, Byron, and Cylde turned their attention to their mothers as their lunch was placed in front of them. Ethel said, "Since there's no room for all of us at this table, I expect you three to be on your best behavior, okay?"

After a chorus of yeses, they were left alone to eat their lunch while their moms went to sit at a different table. They immediately realized they had a problem. None of them knew how to use chopsticks. They glanced at each other before looking at the other tables. Everyone else was eating with chopsticks. Not a single person was using a fork or spoon.

Daniel must have seen their glances and asked, "Don't know how to use chopsticks?" At their nod, he said, "Easy solution." He lifted the bowl and dumped the contents into his mouth.

This caught the eyes of all the women. Patricia voiced all their thoughts, "Daniel, you shouldn't be teaching them such horrible table manners."

Any words he said were indistinguishable as he chewed his food. They shot him looks of disgust before turning their attention onto the kids. Fortunately, they were smart enough not to mimic his action. Instead, they looked to their mothers for help. Surprisingly, it was Patricia who came to the rescue as she raised her wand. The chopsticks on their table magically turned into sporks.

"There. I wasn't sure if a fork or spoon would be better so I thought why not both."

"What do you say kids?" said Mandy.

After another chorus of thank yous, they went right into eating. Their bowls weren't as big as some of the other's so they were able to finish quickly. It reminded them of sushi except the rice and fish weren't wrapped in seaweed. While they waited for everyone else to finish, they turned around to stare at the other side of the room. For some reason, there were a lot of people ordering from there. In fact, they thought for sure some of them people had already ordered from the side they were on.

Unable to help themselves, they asked why people were going to the other side after ordering from their side. Nancy's simple answer of that was the ice cream line caught their attention. Immediately, they whipped their heads towards the long line, but they couldn't see anything except people. Even if the people weren't blocking their view, they wouldn't have been able to see what flavor ice cream they had.

Their moms pointedly told them to sit down and wait until everyone was finished. They pouted but did as they were told. Kicking their legs, they waited for what seemed like forever for them to finish. Just as everyone was finishing up their last bite, someone came up to them. It wasn't anyone the kids recognized, but Nancy raised her hand to wave at him.

"Glad you finally showed up. We were about to have ice cream"

"Your text was an emoji and directions," he said as he sat across from her and accept the bowl she had been saving.

"I figure that with your detective skills, you should have no problem figuring out what I mean."

He rolled his eye when he noticed the kids staring at them. "People you know?"

"Yup. Remember the incident I told you about a while back. These three are Andy, Byron, and Cylde."

"Nice to meet you kids. Where are your mothers?" They pointed at the table. "I see."

He didn't say anything more as he ate. Now they wanted to know what Nancy had been telling him. They weren't the only ones as their mothers stared at him and Nancy. The two of them ignored the stares while Lisa looked exasperated. She got up to throw away her trash and pointedly sat with Amanda, Pain, and Phrynosoma instead.

Annoyed that they have to wait for another person to finish eating, they got out of their seats and went to their moms to beg them to get in line before it got any longer. Seeing that they had a point, everyone that was done joined them in the ice cream line. They stared in awe as they saw them pour some kind of liquid onto a metal circle that somehow turned it into ice cream.

Apparently, the chef was some kind of wizard and made the strangest flavored ice cream. Name anything and he would make it. Someone had asked for oil flavored ice cream, and they would get oil flavored ice cream. Their moms made sure to let them know they had better order normal flavored ice cream once they heard they could order any flavor imaginable. While the kids were distracted by the ice cream, they didn't notice everyone else having a discussion in whispers.

"Besides training, what else will you be doing during the summer?" asked Lisa.

Mandy glared. "Why do you want to know?"

"Considering you're my tenants, I think I would like to be made aware of your summer plans."

"Just because you're our landlord, doesn't mean you need to know our plans."

"I think I have the right to know since you dragged Phrynosoma into your plans. Not to mention, you purposely avoided seeing me during the signing of the contract."

"Don't fight," hissed Reba.

"How about a compromise," suggested Nancy. "Lisa, she has a point that they don't need to tell you their plans, but you also have the right to be concerned since they hid crucial details from you. The only thing that'll work here is they have to let you know if they involve any of your other tenants in your plans which includes Phrynosoma and the kids."

They grumbled, but they really couldn't see any other way they could reach a peaceful solution. With the brief crisis adverted so quickly, they moved on to other topics like the other tenants. Lisa went over the other other tenants she had with as much professionalism she could while the others like Nancy added in their own comments about like how close she and Kali were or to watch out for the Ifrit family.

She protested the former, stating that they weren't close, but she did agree with the later. Lisa was afraid what would happen if they got together. She still remembered the last time there had been a clash. The people involved winced at the memory and refused to say what had happened. To deflect, they focused on Lisa's denial about her relationship with Kali. Unfortunately, this didn't sit too well with Phrynosoma and the kids.

Byron, Andy, and Cylde briefly looked up from their ice cream to see a fight had broken out before returning to their ice cream. The fight was very brief thanks to the new person who had shown up. He apparently had the ability to control people and had used it to put a stop to the fight before they could do any serious damage; however, it had been enough to scare off all the other customers and for the police to be called. That caught their attention.

They watched as their moms pick a fight with the police who were trying to arrest them for disturbing the peace. It didn't make sense why they were only doing it to their moms. Everyone else was calmly allowing the police to talk to them about what happened. If they had paid attention to the fight, they would have realized their moms had been the serious offenders in the fight and certain individuals like Phrynosoma knew when to disappear from the public view.

It was eventually resolved with no one going to jail, and they were able to head back to the apartments courtesy of Mr. Thompson, Nancy's brother. With most of their afternoon wasted, it was decided they shouldn't continue training since it was getting late. The trio was disappointed to hear they had to cut their training so soon, but at least they got ice cream out of it.

"Byron, Andy, Cylde, if you ever want to play with Amanda or Pain, just call, okay?" said Lisa as they went their separate ways.

Somehow she had gotten this idea where they would be good playmates. The three of them didn't mind, and the other two didn't seem to care. Their moms only thought it was a good idea because it meant they would get more trainers. Amanda and Pain didn't have any summer school or camp or anything else to do for the summer anyway.

Mandy was still sore about earlier, but finally conceded much to everyone's disbelief that she wouldn't try to pick more fights with her if she could help it. Lisa was their landlady after all. A few of them were still suspicious, yet they chose not to say anything to avoid any more fights for the day. Instead, they were going to relax and watch a movie in their new apartment.

They ended up further ruining their appetite for dinner by having popcorn and soda except for Cylde and his dad who chewed on what appeared to be meatballs. The only time they took a break from their movie marathon was when the movie was interrupted by a news report regarding how several criminals had been found killed and that everyone should be careful when going out late at night.

None of them were bothered by it in the slightest. They said the attacker only went after criminals. They weren't criminals so they was nothing for them to be worried about. As the movie ended, the kids were forced to go to bed earlier to make up for earlier. They were presented with their new schedule for the summer, and they frowned to see how busy it was going to be.

From now on, they had to get up early so they could eat breakfast and meet up with Phrynosoma for morning training. Then after breakfast, they would either have play time or afternoon training depending on the day. Afterwards, they would either have free time or more training after dinner. When they had been excited for training, this wasn't what they had in mind.

Training nonstop only with meals and sleep as a break didn't seem like fun. Perhaps getting training wasn't such a good idea. Unfortunately, they weren't getting out of training so easily. Their moms did promise, however, that they will have days off to spend time as a family like going out to eat or hanging out at the park. They didn't want to kill them with training after all.

With that in mind, they cleaned up and were sent off to go to bed. Despite everything that happened, they were wide awake wondering what tomorrow was going to be like. Since it didn't specific what kind of training they would do except for the mornings where it specifically said Phrynosoma was the trainer, they had no clue what they would be doing.

Would they we fighting each other? Would they get to learn more about their weapons? Their minds were buzzing with possibilities which kept them up for most of the night. Eventually, they felt themselves slowly dozing off. Their last thoughts before sleep claimed them was that it would hopefully turn out better tomorrow than today.

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