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My Mom is Part of What? Chapter 7

My Mom is Part of What? Chapter 7

By PhoebeWang

Byron kicked his legs back and forth as he waited for their parents to show up. Andy had long since stopped screaming and shouting thanks to one of the police officers putting him to sleep. The ability to put someone to sleep wasn’t cool to see upfront. One moment Andy was yelling on the top of his lungs and the next he was conked out on the ground. He was glad they didn’t decide to do the same with him. His good behavior was the only thing keeping him free to walk around.

Of course he wasn’t allowed to leave, but they didn’t handcuff him to a chair or table like they did with Andy. He wondered if they were allowed to do this. They didn’t commit any crimes, or at least, he didn’t think so. Maybe they broke some rule they hadn’t known about. This was never a problem before, but then again their moms were usually with them when something like this happened.

He still remembered how their moms screamed over the phone when the police called them to come to the station. The phone hadn’t even been put on speaker, and the call had been in another room. All he got out of the conversation was that they were coming, and they were not happy. Some of the police officers had looked unnerved by what they heard while others gave him pitying looks.

Nibbling on the donut a passing police officer gave him, he barely got halfway through it when there was a large crash. All eyes turned in the direction of the sound. Several police officers were already running to see what was going on. He had a feeling he knew what was happening and quickly stuffed the rest of the donut in his mouth. It was, after all, dinnertime.

Wiping the crumbs away, he looked up in time to see one of the police officers fly overhead. He instinctively ducked even though he was nowhere close to hitting him. Glancing in the direction the officer had come from, he saw three familiar figures: his mom and Andy’s parents.

“Where are our babies?” demanded Reba.

Jumping out of his seat, he scrambled towards his mom saying, “Here!”

The anger slipped off his mom’s face the moment she saw him. Without looking behind her, she smashed the back of her fist into the face of the police officer that had been trying to sneak up behind her. He paused slightly at that. Not because he was afraid of his mom, but because he was worried that his mom was going to get in trouble. Beating up bad guys was different from beating up police officers.

Reba wrapped him in a tight hug, unfazed by what she had done. She had been so worried when she first got the phone call. At first, she thought it had been Ethel or Mandy wanting to talk to her. When she heard a male voice instead of a female, she had thought it was a prank call. Then she panicked when they mentioned her son was at the station. Had he and Andy been attacked by some low life? She knew they hadn’t been ready to fight all on their own.

Her worries had been unfounded, but cold fury engulfed her when she forced out the reason why they were at the station. It wasn’t because they had been worried about the kids. Oh no. It was because her child and Mandy’s were under arrest. The audacity! How dare they put her child under arrest. There was no way her precious boy would do anything to warrant arrest.

If he was beating up a random stranger on the street, it was only in self-defense. He would never attack anyone without reason. Andy was another story, but she was confident that they were in the right. She made it perfectly clear to the officer before she threw her phone across the room where it collided against a wall and broke. It was an old phone anyway. She could always buy herself a new one and one for Byron.

Throwing on a jacket and rushing out the door, she bumped into Mandy and her husband. They must have gotten the call at the same time as her. Anger was plastered all over Mandy’s face while her husband was trying to calm her down. It still amazed her how much Mandy had mellowed out since meeting him, but he was no match for her motherly fury.

“They’re going to regret taking my baby.”

“Can I tag along?” she asked.

Realizing that they weren’t alone, they turned to see who had interrupted them. Recognizing her, Mandy said, “Three is better than two.”

Reba never thought she would need a car when it was just her and her son. All the places they went to were within walking distance. It was a good thing that Mandy have no reservations and had two cars. One was for her, and the other was her husband’s. Jumping into Mandy’s car, they were speeding down the street in no time. They didn’t stop for anything. Not even for traffic lights and stop signs. Their children were more important than laws.

When the station came into view, instead of slowing down, Mandy pressed down harder on the pedal. The car crashed into one of the police cars, sending them spinning. The moment the car stopped they got out of the car. Well, the car was definitely totaled. Mandy was going to have to buy a new car after this. She wondered if insurance would cover this.

Police officers swarmed to stop them, but they were no match for the three of them. Reba had to admit she was impressed with Mandy’s husband. Why couldn’t her husband have been more like him? If he wasn’t Mandy’s husband, she would have snatched him right up. Perhaps he could introduce her to some of his guy friends. Byron did need a male role model in his life.

Deciding that now wasn’t the time to ask, she led the trio into the station. The police officers were really going all out as they ducked out of the way of gunfire. She was working up a sweat. Old age was really creeping on her. After several minutes, they were able to press on. One of the police officers that dared to try to take tackle her was sent soaring through the air.

“Where are our babies?” demanded Reba.


She had been so relieved to hear and see Byron was safe. If a single hair on his head had been harmed, she would have torn the whole building down. Nothing could ruin the moment. Not even the police officer that had been trying to sneak up behind her. They were easily dealt with. Pulling him into her arms, she promised herself that she wasn’t going to let him out of her sight until he was forty.

“Where’s Andy?” Mandy asked as soon as they broke apart.

“He’s in another room. They had to lock him up after he bit one of the officers.”

“Good on him. They deserved it.”

Reba said, “Lead the way.”

Byron guided them to the room without any resistance. Everyone had gone to the front, leaving Andy unsupervised. Reba easily ripped the door off its hinges, allowed Mandy to rush towards her son with her husband right behind him. They gasped at the sight of their unconscious son shackled to the table. The handcuffs were removed courtesy of Reba, and they went to hunt down the one responsible. How dare they chain a child. Whoever did it was going to regret every being born.

This was the scene Jerome stumbled upon when he returned from patrol. All officers had been called back to deal with the situation at the station. A sense of dread had eaten at him. Something told him to drive in the opposite direction, but he couldn’t. It was his job after all. Well, screw his job. He wasn’t paid enough to deal with AWG. Why were they storming the station anyway? He couldn’t think of a reason why they looked like they were going to kill everyone in the station.

“Another punk who thinks they can take us on,” said Mandy as she punched her first into her palm. “I got him.”

His pale skin seemed to get even paler at the sight, and he quickly raised his arms in surrender. “I’m not going to fight you. I want to resolve things peacefully.”

“Well, you should have thought of that before locking up my son like a criminal,” she snarled, and her tail flailed.

“Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea what you are referring to. If you can explain the details to me, I’m sure we can get this all cleared up.”

She hissed. Her forked tongue flickered as her body tensed. Before she could lunge, she was stopped by her husband.

“Let’s hear what he has to say. If we don’t resolve it now, they might come after the kids again when we’re not looking.”

“You’re right, honey,” she said as her expression softened. Glaring daggers at Jerome, she barked out, “Talk.”

While he doubted the higher ups would actually go after the kids especially after this incident, he was grateful for the voice of reason. He hadn’t been sure f his olive branch would actually work. Now he just needed to find someone to explain the situation. That had proven difficult when he found most of the officers on sight were in no condition to talk or had an idea what was going on either.

That meant he was stuck watching the party of five. He eyed them uneasily as they impatiently waited for him to hurry up. Andy had woken up during that tie and had been very unhappy with what happened. He raved and ranted and swore he would tear the ones who had locked him up into pieces. His mother encouraged his behavior, but it was stopped by the father.

If he could, he would pay the man handsomely for all he’d done for them. He was obviously keeping the members of AWG in line given that both women were listening to him. That would explain why they had been silent for so long. If the higher ups had known that getting married would keep the women in line sooner, they would have done their best to make sure they weren’t single with a year of AWG forming. Too bad it hadn’t lasted longer or better yet stayed that way.

Byron was getting tired. They had been there for hours. He even checked. It was already dinnertime, and he was getting hungry. Why was it taking so long? The policeman said that he would fix everything, but they were still waiting to find out why they were there. No one had told them the reason why they had been taken to the station in the first place.

Unable to take it anymore, he turned to his mom and said, “I’m hungry.”

“Oh god,” she said. “It’s time for dinner. We need to get going.”

“Not until we get this fixed,” Mandy declared. “We already waited a few hours. We’re going to wait as long as necessary and then kick their butts for making us wait so long.”

“The kids shouldn’t stay out so late. They have school tomorrow. They need their rest.”

“We can always call out. This is more important.”

“We shouldn’t encourage them to skip school. Their education is important.”

“It’s just a one time thing. Once we talk to the ones in charge, they’ll never bother our kids ever again.”

Jerome couldn’t help but think to himself that they would have already done that even without having to talk to them. Studying the two kids, he saw that Byron had miraculously came out fairly normal compared to Andy. He wondered how long it would stay that way or if Byron was actually just as messed up and was just better at hiding it. Whatever the case may be, he didn’t want to know.

His prayers were finally answered when one of the officers involved in the arrest showed up. He looked like he didn’t want to be there. Tough luck. It was his fault they were in this mess, and he was going to own up to it. If that meant throwing him under the bus and letting him get beat up by the angry women, so be it. As long as it wasn’t him, he would be so happy.

Unfortunately, the details of the case didn’t make it better. He could see his fellow officer’s point of view. If he saw two kids beating up an injured man with a bat, he would have arrested them on them spot. It didn’t matter how young or old they were. Ever since the introduction of superpowers, aliens, and the supernatural, it made it impossible to tell the age or maturity of some of the criminals and victims. As such, even children can be considered criminals now.

If they were any other children, there would be no argument that they shouldn’t have been arrested. Andy’s rebuttal consisting of how the man deserved it and how he was threatening them wouldn’t fly. Yes, threatening someone especially children can be cause for arrest and the victim did go as far as to use his powers on the children, but they used excessive force in this case. The kid kept beating the man while he was down and sent him to the hospital again. It was no longer self-defense.

Of course, telling them that would be suicidal. It was obvious that they wouldn’t accept anything other than their children being proclaimed innocent. He’d seen those kinds of parents before. Sometimes he wondered how those kinds of parents survive long enough to procreate and f it should be illegal for them to spread their genes. At least he never had to worry about having children considering he was a vampire.

He really didn’t want to be the ones to deal with them, but apparently the higher ups said he was to take full responsibility. Of course he was so grateful for their vote of confidence. If he could, he would let them know exactly how he felt about the situation. Instead, he was currently trying to tell in a roundabout way that what they did wasn’t exactly okay, but he was letting them go with a warning.

It didn’t get resolved that easily obviously. They could tell what he was implying, and they weren’t happy about it. After several moments of screaming and things being thrown, he was finally able to convince them to leave and accept the facts. Byron was an absolute angel and made t much easier to get the mothers on board. He swore he was going to buy a cake for the kid in thanks the next time he saw him.

Actually, he was just going to send him a coupon or something. The last thing he wanted was to see the two families again within his undead lifetime. It would mean they were causing trouble yet again, and he doubted he could handle another situation as well as he did. Perhaps he should send in his resignation and move to another city or maybe another planet.

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