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My World
My World

My World

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In my world It's dark. In my world It's fun. At first it seemed cold and lonely but eventually I came to realize It's actually better to be in the dark. The light seems so much brighter in the dark because your not used to the sun. The heat feels so much warmer in the dark because your so used to the cold. It's so much easier to see through peoples true colors in the dark because your so used to black.

Don't get me wrong I love being out in the sun running around with my dog my friends and family members so I guess It's safe to say on the outside that I'm human. Theres another thing not once have I ever looked at myself in the mirror and considered myself human. Not once have I ever felt as a part of this world. Not once have I ever submitted to societies prison of "reality."

I've always imagined myself in a different world. A world where I can run faster than anything else. In my dreams I can fly.
I imagine a world with magic, endless excitement, eternal love.

I guess thats why I love "shortstories101" so much because I can openly share my point of view on the world while looking at other peoples at the same time. It's like an escape into another world.

But my world is also full of destruction. There are things I've buried deep inside me that I wish to never experience again.
Yet I am reminded of them every single day.

One day I will die and my world will be forever forgotten and I along with it. Even if I'm not a slave to societies reality I'm still a slave to the reality of the world I was born in. I guess It's time to pack my stuff and get moving.
The more of this world I get to see the more of it I get to carry with me into a new world.

If there is a world beyond this one I would like to put up everyone elses worlds up on display so that their beauty will never be forgotten.

Author Notes: This is me

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24 Apr, 2019
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