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A New Day
A New Day
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A New Day


It was a new day, a new day to make a new begining. I mean thats whats my poster says. My days are always the same, I wake up, Dress, eat and go to my stupid school. But I think that today might be a new day, Today I'm going to talk to my crush... Justin Frickle. I've actully never talked to him well only when once, In Reading I had to ask him for a pencil. The best part was that he gave me HIS pencil! The pencil HE was using. I mean, That was big for me he never gave me anything usally its like, "oh, sorry... I dont have another one today". Today i'm going to talk to him, I walked out of my room with my think mascara, perfect eye liner and with a tinted pink lips. My hair today smelled like pineapples and I wore a bright pink shirt and a cute tumblr style shorts. But today I wore my new heels, They were a light brown with a open heel space they looked so fantastic on me! For once I wore my contacts but their sooo hard to put on! You put one on and then your eye stings and when you put the other one on you eyes sting! But I think I got a hang of it today! " Bye Mom, See you in the afternoon", I said to her gving her a kiss on the cheek, " Bye honey, Have a good day in school!", she said giving a kiss on my forehead. I walked outside oppening slacker and listeing to Todays biggest hits. Thats when I saw Justin, He wore a black shirt saying "Just do it" and also wearing his cute shorts I stared into his deep blue eyes. I almost hit a big tree but I didnt! I just stopped looking at him and walked with my vera bradley backpack and listend to my music. Today I'm tell him I like him, I said in my toughts.... Today Its gonna be a brand new day!

Author Notes: Should I continue?


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1 Feb, 2017
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