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Same Old Sorrow
Same Old Sorrow

Same Old Sorrow

2 Reviews

Me and sorrow are good ol buddies. I see him everywhere I go. In the clouds, the sky, rain, the mud and dirt. I can feel it in the air and when I wake up to the sound of nothing, I know it was sorrow who was there. At first I didn't know why he was there, he was just a creeper looking around the corner. But as the days went by, sorrow grew up with me and when my friends disappeared, he was the only one still watching me. I now see why sorrow was always following me. I needed someone to talk to and so did me. Sorrow and I started getting along quite well. I silently thought all my problems to him and he did the same. We became as brothers for the longest time. But now I'm older and I have to move away. There's this girl that lights up the world like no other. When she's around sorrow seems to simply vanish out of sight. The closer I grow to this girl, the further away sorrow seems. When I move away from this town, I wonder if I'll keep any of the memories me and sorrow made together. Sorrow and I used to be good ol buddies.

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6 Oct, 2020
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1 min

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