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Secret in Your Eyes

This story has some quality issues

Secret in Your Eyes

By kamili jones

"where are you going" I ask my dad. He looks at me and smiles, he smiles. I know where hes going, far away from me. He reaches for the door without responding to my question. "Dad!?" I yell impatintly. "Baby, im going to my friends house okay? I'll be back soon to get you." He's not going to come back, hes gonna leave me with her. I can tell in his eyes, there he holds the secret he can't bring himself to say out loud.
"Dad, dont leave me with her, please." I say holding back my tears. He comes up to me and kisses my forhead. "I swear i'm coming back." I nod my head and watch him walk out of the door. Bye dad I say in my head.

"Get the f*ck in here now."I here from my parents room. I get up quickley hoping I wont make her mad. I open her door and whisper "yes Mom." scared that shes gonna yell. "did you clean the house?" she asks. "yes mom." I answer. she looks at me in a frightening way, and says "well go f**cking do it again." I close her door and walk into the kitchen. I pick up the sponge and start to scub the counters. Then I reach were the knives are held. I pull one out of the holder, and stare at the shiny blade. tears swell into my eyes. I begg myself not to use it. But my mothers voice screaming at me echos in my head, I can still smell the liqure from her breath. I can see my dad walking out the door, and I just cant take it any more. i pinch my eyes shut as the stinging pain fills my body. I fall to the kitchen floor and cry, not because im going to die but because im finally free. blood runs down my arms. my veins run dry. goodbye world, its time to take flight.


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kamili jones
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5 Dec, 2019
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1 min
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