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By krisykat

From the time a girl hits puberty she starts do develop sexual needs. When women get older the needs increase that's when masturbation sets on the teenage hormones of a girl its really pleasurable to find that sexual release when you come. It only helps for so long with that one release your sexual frustrations increase ten fold you can't help but feel addicted to sexual release. From the ages 13 to 15 masturbation helps you with your sexual release even then you can't help but feel that you want something more. Wondering what you want you struggle with feeling masturbation isn't enough to get you to your release then you hear that one world that interest you and you want to find out more.... Sex. You can hear so many different things about sex but you just don't understand how can I feel so pleasurable when you've never had it. You hear stories about how it hurts the first time you don't really understand how it hurts. But you figure out soon enough with your first sexual encounter. The best type of sexual encounter you should really experience is foreplay. Foreplay is a very pleasurable experience for women because a guy/girl can use there fingers like you do during masturbation but it's a completely different experience with someone else's hands. The best foreplay is being eaten out as most people would put it when a man/women puts there mouth on your womanhood an uses there tongue to massage your clitoris it brings you an ultimate type of pleasure you would never think you could feel. It makes you feel like you've climaxed multiple times it's an amazing way to fulfill your sexual release... sex. Its different for everybody when women first have sex it hurts for some women but not for other women. Having sex is the best way to find release because it brings an extreme amount of pleasure to you. But after a while your mind starts to get creative like participating in s and m or bondage or hardcore sex and maybe even orgy's the thing is sex is a great and pleasurable thing for

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3 Apr, 2013
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