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SUPERMAN the Final Story
SUPERMAN the Final Story

SUPERMAN the Final Story

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Most everything you’ve seen or heard about me is true. But there is one facet of my life that no one knows about.

I’m tired of being this man of steel whose only apparent goal in life is to save the world and the people in it. I still have empathy for the world and the people in it, and I’ll continue to right as many wrongs as I can, but I don’t want them to look to me for everything. I’m not their savior. I’m just a guy with extraordinary powers.

And I’m tired of playing the slow witted ox working for the Daily Planet. I’m tired of being idolized and put on a pedestal all by myself. I’m tired of living a life that they expect of me. All I want to do now is live my heart’s desire. I just want to be me.

And that beautiful baby boy born to Lois is not mine as everyone likes to believe. I never slept with her. I love her but not as a soul mate or a girlfriend, but more that of a sister.

Determined to make a change, I quit my job at the Daily Planet. Playing the role of a slow witted reporter was more difficult than I imagined. But leaving behind the people I had come to like and admire was something I had not anticipated. Since Mom and Dad passed, these folks had become the only family I knew. I am truly alone now.

I sublet my apartment, burned those tights with the red cape, packed a bag with every day comfortable clothes and made plans to leave Metropolis for parts unknown with high hopes I’d find someone who can love me for who I really am and not this comic strip character everyone has made me into.

I’m heading west out of Metropolis in hopes of capturing the serenity and love I experienced on the farm of my childhood. Somewhere, someplace, with someone, I want to at last be able to cry for happy.

Let me go, let me be, pray for me — please.

With all my love, Clark

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30 Jun, 2017
Inspirational, Serious

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