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Swaggggggplease read

By Sasha007

Once upon a time in a planet very close bye, a dragon sings a lulluby. This planet is what scientists would call "fantasy planet", but really it is called planet Pegerosayez. There are many creatures living there, and all of them are happy! Here are some of their names: Dragon, unicorn, pegasuas, Rumbug, horstashio,sweettooth, meowlo, chippopatimes,paliagram. All these craetures are just wonderful creatures. Although there are two who own this magnificaent place, the wangdoodle and the roarario. They are the most wise and caring of them all. They watch over the other animals and care for them. everyone goes to them for help.
One normal day something very magical happend. A dragon was born! Wait... two... they were twins! A boy and a girl. This was a very firy family. There was a momy and a daddy, and two little baby dragons. The momy dragon, Sasha, was putting down the babies. Wisey and Sweety. Just then Daddy dragon flew in from collecting the mail.
"Sasha! We are getting attacked by the human beans!"
"Oh,no! What did we ever do to them?"
" Honey, I have bad news... I have to go."
" I have to go fight in the war... I will protect our people. Roarario is going to lead us. We will fight with honor!"
" Burn them Papa!" The kids say.
" I will... I have to go... Bye"
" I will miss him more than anything"
" We will to", Sweety says," At least you have us."
" Yes, I don't know what I would do without you."
And so they moved on hoping papa would come back soon...
...To Be Contnued...

Author Notes: I wrote this when i was very, very, very, very young.


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13 May, 2014
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
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