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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

By Gerry

He slept. Well, he was asleep. His name was Noah, and he had been asleep for the past 4 hours. His cotton mattress was flithy, but the only one to blame was him. The way he had positioned himself made his blanket fall onto the floor, but it was a summer night, and he didn't care. The sweat on his pillow kept building-up as he tossed and turned.

Noah woke up. His fan was on, but he couldn't hear it. He saw it move, along with his brown, curly hair. Either he was going deaf, he was too tired and distracted, or something was making a louder noise. But there was no other noise, and he could hear his breath, so it could only be the second option. He looked at his digital clock, it was sitting on a tall cabinet at the end of his bed. It read '12:03am'. After him wakening, he was now positioned on his back, legs straightened out, and arms on his chest. He would have felt comfortable if he had the blanket on him. He felt exposed.

He attempted to reach for it, but to no avail. He turned his head. But he didn't. He sat up. But he didn't. He was having his first experience of sleep paralysis. He had heard about it before, he had wanted to experience it at some point a few years ago, but now was not the time. He looked at the clock again.

'12:04'. He stared at it. As he was thinking about how to bring this up to his friends, the clock went black. But it wasn't the clock. It was something that had moved in front of it. It couldn't be a plastic bag he conveniently had placed there, because there was no rustling, and it wouldn't be there for that long. Noah sweated more. He just looked where the clock was, and hoped he he wasn't looking into the eyes of a burglar or something. But why would a burglar just watch him sleep, and not go take anything while he was in bed? Noah was confused. He wanted to say something. He wanted to run. He needed to run.

There was rusting in the blanket beside his bed for a few seconds. By this time, he knew something living and breathing was in his room. Were they aliens, going to abduct him? Were they burglars, creeps getting aroused just watching him sleep? He didn't know. He looked at the blanket again. Now there was a visible shape poking out of it. It had moved to that position as he looked away before. The shape was on of a human head. But the person's neck was a lot bigger than it should be, and the parts of the shoulders that were visible were too large for a normal human.

He looked back at his clock. The window next to his bed was shining on him, so he knew for sure that if they saw his eyes, they knew he was awake. But they didn't move. He looked at his closet to the left of him. He noticed a large object next to it. There were three things in his room. Hell, there could be more in the rest of his house. He took one last daring look at the thing in front of the clock. It had moved closer. There was something now sticking out of it, and into the light coming in from the window. It was long, about 10cm, grey and seemingly furry. It had two little holes in the bottom at the end. It was a nose. But if that was a nose, then that meant the creature was about 3 feet taller than Noah. Noah at the time was roughly 6'2", so he knew that it was tall. He also knew now that the intruders weren't human.

He noticed that there was a faint blue and red glow. Not the police, but those of eyes. Were there two little minions next to the thing at his bed? He wasn't sure if this was a hallucination or not. But whatever was in his blanket had moved it a lot, and hallucinations can't move solid, real objects. He heard movement at the end of his bed. As he looked, he also saw what was moving. It was two small red eyes, one of the pair he saw before. It was touching his bed, but it wasn't it's own seperate entity. It was an arm, belonging to the taller monster in the shadows. The face was on the wrist of the arm, and the hand of said arm wasn't really a hand. It was more like two little nubs with a small space in between, but looked like they weren't meant to be seperated because of that perfect space. The arm was the same shade of grey as the nose, and was furry too.

The face on the wrist had red eyes (as said before), and it had a mouth. The mouth didn't have lips, just a flat surface. Noah could see that it was a mouth because it was open, closing sometimes, but the worst part of it is that it was frowning. It looked... It looked disapointed in Noah, maybe for being the one to see it, or maybe for being unlucky enough to be it's master's victim. Noah looked at the other two dots. These were blue, but were also now on his bed too. It was the same thing, apart from being blue eyed, wore a smile instead, and was the creature's right arm. The nubs on each hand kind of clinged onto the end of the mattress, like they were grabbing it. After that, the creature finally stopped moving, apart from the two visible faces' mouths. They never blinked at all. And right then and there, Noah realised something that made him want to shit his pants in fear more than he did now.

He nervously looked back at the blanket. He lookd at the shape on the top, and looked at how the blanket was 'bigger' than it usually is. The thing inside it was obviously quite big, but then again, it could be bigger, because the shoulders were visible, and it was most likely sitting down, it's legs under his bed. For all he knew, the thing in it could only have it's torso in there, and still have a monstrous size. He took another few looks at the two things at his bed. He then studied the object at his closet. He was getting used to the dark now, so he could make out a lot of the object, as he did the being in the blanket.

Whatever was blocking the closet door was damaged. The top looked like a dome made out of glass, cracked here and there, and glistened a bit. The main body of it was made of metal and plastic. He could make out some of it. It was mainly white, having been detailed with purple, and some black parts for a more 'armoured' look. The bottom went inwards a little bit, looking like it was a torso, and the legs had broken off at some point. There were arms on it too, but they looked critically damaged and unusable. He looked at the bottom again and noticed some things hanging out. They were being squished a bit, and looked like tentacles. Or were they... Intestines?

Noah wanted to shit himself at this point, but couldn't because of his paralysis. Whatever was at the closet seemed to be used as a suit of some sort. Maybe a mech, but the remains on the floor didn't look fresh, and they didn't smell, so it must be a really old suit. Whatever the glass dome was concealing from him in the dark was obviously the rest of the wearer's head. The poor man must have been killed in it, and then used to scare people, by some awful troublemakers, or whatever these creatures were. He thought that maybe they are just here to scare him. After all, they are only sleep paralysis demons or hallucinations, right? Maybe it's like Stephen King's 'IT', maybe they want to scare him, but not do the whole eating him thing?

The creature in the blanket shuffled, then attempted to get up. Noah was hoping his theory was correct. As it got up, it blocked the entire window, the window being 50cm in length and width. It was also smart enough to close the window using it's mammoth hands that it was hiding to pinch the string and pull it. Everything was dark, but it purposely left a gap so only a bit of light came in to lay right on Noah's side. It moved so the light could reach him, but doing that disturbed the one with the hand-faces. This got a small, extremely deep grunt out of the mammoth one, being a bit shook, maybe from looking at it. Or maybe it was friends with it.

This got the mammoth one to walk back a bit making it light again by pulling the string the other way, so it didn't have to shuffle around, hoping not to bump into anything. This also revealed the entire body of it, along with the grey one. The thing at his closet was still in a dark spot. The mammoth one was huge. It had to hunch over his bed because of it's height. It had bulging muscles, white skin like Noah's, a pack of abs, and a pair of dark-green shorts. It had wristbands on it's arms, but the words on them were unreadable from his angle. It's shoulders were broad, very broad, and that made it had a square-looking figure. Noah looked at it's head in the light. It had short, brown hair, but no face. A nose it did have, but no other features. There was skin glazed over where the eyes should've been, and there was no trace of a mouth being there. It was capable of making vocal noises, but that must means it had a layer of skin over the mouth.

The grey thing wasn't human looking at all. It was as tall as he thought, and it was grey and furry all-over. All the limbs on it were very long, not out of proportion, but long. It's torso was bony, but the limbs were quite thick. You could see it's ribs, and it had small nipples, the same shade as it's fur. As he moved up the creature, he noticed it had no neck. Just a body with a face and limbs. But the face was the part that stood out. Under it's nose that had been described before, was it's mouth, that was quite wide, but not really 'open'. It was clenching it's yellow, square teeth, but it didn't have any gaps or holes where you could see into it's mouth. It never opened it's mouth. It's eyes above the nose were pitch black. It seemed to have eyeballs, but they were black. They were wide, not really open, but wide, longways. It looked like it was squinting a bit, but it wasn't. It was also missing ears.

The grey thing moved forward. Noah realised he might actually die to these things. Maybe that's what happened to the person in the suit. The thing moved around the bed, and to the side his bedside table. It just looked down, somewhat. The lack of a neck wasn't really a good thing. The mammoth one then went to the position the grey one just was, at the end of his bed, grabbing the end of the mattress. The mammoth one didn't have eyes, but it could somehow see. It then nodded to the object at the closet. There was a small buzzing sound, a bit of green glowing, but then it stopped. The grey thing then bent a bit further down to Noah. Noah thought for sure he could shit his pants now, but he couldn't. As the thing grew closer, he started to see red. Literally. His vison blurred for a few seconds, and everything was a shade of red. He was seeing things that were getting put into his mind, actual hallucinations.

There were bodies on his bed now. Unrecognisable because they had been dismembered, and things had been crushed, and giblets had been jabbed through other parts of the body. There were fingers being stuck into necks, and intestines being used as nooses. There was blood on the bed, and some on himself. He couldn't feel it. Maybe because it was a hallucination, or maybe because he was still 'sleeping'. They said nothing, but they looked to be screaming in pain, somehow. Some of them didn't even have jaws anymore but still looked like they were crying for help. Noah looked back up at the grey thing. It's clenched teeth were the same, but it's mouth was in a smiling position. And now instead of black eyeballs were his own. Noah was seeing through it's eyes. It reminded him of Death Note, where if you have a notebook, you can trade half your life for Shinigami Eyes to see what they see. But this wasn't any anime he had seen, this was him being sacrificed to some demon.

The buzzing sound came back, and the hallucinations stopped. The grey thing's face changed back, the red went away, and the bodies faded. The thing looked back up. But now the physical pain was starting. The mammoth man was pinching Noah's sides, using just one hand, but it was wrapped around his entire torso. It stopped, but the pain was still there, aching. Noah felt a jolt, and then the paralysis stopped. He could move again. The nightmare was over. They had only wanted him to 'wake-up'.

But it wasn't done. They were still there. A portal-looking-thing appeared on the wall behind the mammoth man. But how? The cabi-

The cabinet was smashed to a million pieces on the ground. The object with the human remains was searching through the debris, using it's metallic hands to pick out any pieces of metal. Everything else was on it's side too. Noah looked back at the portal. He then shot up. He stood on the mattress just as the mammoth man started pulling it inward, towards the portal. Noah fell back down. He sat up. The mammoth man touched the portal, making the portal's destination become visible. Before, it had just been purple swirls, but now it led to a forest. Well, the edge of a forest. It led to the treeline, but it was brighter there, and the sky was purple. Purple seemed to be a theme.

Noah got up once more, but the metal hunk gorilla-style-ran at him, punched him in the stomach, and winded him. Noah thought it broke a few ribs of his. It probably did worse. Noah was left panting heavily on the mattress, trying to crawl his way off the bed. The grey thing then stepped into this predicament, but on the monsters' side. The giant man-creature-thing had stopped pulling the mattress. It was halfway in, and it just stood back a fair bit, making room for the others. They grey thing then got onto the mattress, hunching now because of the height of the roof, and grabbing Noah by the legs. It dragged him to the end of the mattress with ease, and then left him there for a second. Noah, only with his head sticking out through the portal, looked at the ground. His clock was still intact, somehow. The metal hunk then Harambe-sprinted through the portal over Noah. He then felt his legs get grabbed by the mammoth man. They were being crushed.

Noah screamed in pain, but then the crushing stopped. Then the bleeding began, because bone had broken through the layers skin, and his legs were pretty much raw minced meat now. He then felt his remaining ribs get squished in between the thing's hands. Not long after, he felt his head get grabbed. He read the time on his clock. '12:03am'. He then saw the bodies that were on his bed, but now they were propped in sitting positions on his floor. More of them were intact, but the ones that weren't were missing a lot of chunks.

He then recognised some of the bodies. He knew them. They were the children he had bullied when he was at school. The ones that weren't intact were his friends he bullied with.

With one loud crunch, his skull was looking like cabinet.

Author Notes: My stories are not popular at all, but I like to add lore details into my stories, just for a bit of spice.

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