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A tale of a Lovely Night.

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A tale of a Lovely Night.

By Jaggergum

It was Friday night and it had been a horrible week at work. It seemed like everything that I had done the boss had been on my ass. I needed a night out and I sure as hell needed a drink or six. I needed to get laid and get rid of a week’s worth of stress. I knew exactly what I needed and where I could get it.

I’m a 26-year-old black hair green eye woman with a fairly slim body and a sense of humor that makes most of my coworkers laugh when I tell a funny story. I’ve worked for an automotive parts warehouse ever since I found out college was real work and I am better at selling auto parts to my customer log than actually working for a living. I’m an Inside Sales Rep. My name is Nancy and this is my story.

I opened my refrigerator, took out a light beer pouring it into a glass. Taking my beer I headed into the bathroom and stripping off my cloths turned on the shower waiting for it to warm to my touch. I looked at my body in the mirror. My breasts were very good size, I wear a 36C bra, and with my shaved pubic area I looked very fuckable in the mirror. The men I knew loved to bed me and I love to be their slut and let them.

I showered, combed my hair and dressed in my favorite jeans and low cut top. Presenting myself right at the local bar I frequented would not only get a lot of free drinks but possibly a not so drunk guy to bring me home for a roll in the hay. I had dated several of the locals and even on a couple occasions given Gary, my favorite owner and bar tender, a blow in the bathroom stall.

At first I felt innocent, almost a little naughty, but after doing it a couple of days later again, I felt dirty almost slutty. For the first time it made me feel excited.

After making sure everything was just right and finishing my last few gulps of my beer I locked the door and headed for the bar. It was only three short blocks in the old Italian neighborhood I lived in.

I had rented the little half house from the people in the big house up front that owned the property. They were an older couple in their 70’s and had always treated me like their daughter. They did not care if I had company overnight as long as I kept the noise down. They never did bother me or question me about my male friends that spent the night. This worked well for me.

As I turned the last corner I saw the hanging sign stating this was indeed George’s Place. Of course George, the original owner had passed away about six years ago, but not before selling out to Gary the current owner and as I said my favorite bartender. As I walked up to the door I thought something must be wrong as there were only four cars in the parking lot, and I recognized one as Gary’s.

As I stepped inside I saw Gary behind the bar. I walked over and hopped up on a stool.

“Hi sexy, where is everyone?”

“Joe’s having a poker game over at his house, and I guess everyone is over there.”

“Looks like you’ve done went out of business,” I said giggling.

I looked around and Harry was sitting four stools down from me, and in a back booth a couple of older guys were playing a game of checkers. God this place was dead and my best laid plans was going to hell.

“Hey you ok?” Gary said setting a beer and a shot of JD in front of me.

“Oh,oh ya just fine, was just thinking.” “How you been hun?”

“Been good, cept could use a little more business.”

Gary picked up the twenty I dropped on the bar and went for the change.

“Hi cutie,” Harry said as he looked down the bar at me.

“Oh hi Harry, how you been?”

“What brings you down, Friday and you stepping out?”

Now Harry was about 65 years old, retired a couple of month’s back. He was probably 6-6 and a half feet tall, skinny to my five foot two, 120-pound frame. He would come down to George’s every now and then, sit at the bar not saying much, drink two or three beers and then head home. He always played one of the two George Jones songs on the jukebox and always seems to have a tear in his eye while listening. I know he had been married for what seemed like forever, and his wife had been afflicted with something that had left her in a wheel chair not able to do much but watch television or listen to the radio. Harry had worked most of his life in the concrete business and still was, at his age very rugged looking to say the least.

“Just came down to see who was here.” “How’s the wife?”

“Same as usual.”

I picked up my beer and walk down to where he set, motioning at the stool next to him.

“Can I set here?”

“Sure, sure sit down honey.”

Harry signaled Gary, “get her another shot.”

After Gary went back washing glasses, Harry reached over and put his hand on my leg.

I reached over and put my hand on top of his not allowing him to move his hand letting him know it was ok with me.

“How’s that job going.”

“Oh the fucking boss has been on my ass all week.” “You know the guys upstairs are on him because sales is down so he’s being a prick to everyone in sales.”

“Yes that’s the way it goes in sales,” he said followed by a laugh.

He massaged my leg. “It will get better.”

I took the shot he bought me and gulped it in one quick motion. My head started to spin.

“And how is retirement?”

“It’s ok, except Martha got pissed at me the other day and won’t hardly speak to me.” “Makes life kind of hard.”

“Now what in the world could you do to make her mad, burn her toast?”

“No, she wheeled into my office the other day and caught me watching a porn movie on my computer.”

“Ha ha, you?” “Watching porn?”

“Well yes, every since her stroke it’s Rosy and her five sisters are all that take care of me.”

“Harry, you are in your sixties and your still think about pussy?”

“Well yes, I’m not dead.”

I laughed out loud.

My lord, maybe this would not be a wasted night, if I worked it right.

“I’m gonna have one more before I go.” “You want another shot or beer?”

“Sure I will have a beer.” Harry ordered.

How in the hell was I gonna ask him if he wanted to come over. “Maybe we ought to drink these and get out of here,” I said to him.

“What do you mean, get out of here?”

“Well, I thought maybe we could stop by the liquor store, get a twelve pack and you could come by my house.”

“Oh I would love that, but I got to get home to Martha.”

“Oh, ok.” “Was just thinking, sorry.”

“Now, that is ok, but you could come over to the house.” “It’s about time for her to go to bed anyway.” “That way I could keep an eye on her.”

“You got any beer there?”

“We’ll stop and pick up some.”

We went in his house by the back door that led into the kitchen. I could hear the television playing so I leaned against the kitchen counter while Harry went into the living room.

“It’s time for you to go to bed dear.” “You shouldn’t sleep in that damn chair or you’ll get a sore neck.”

Harry wheeled her toward the hallway obviously leading to the bedrooms.

“Who the hell is that young gal?”

“Oh that is just a friend from George’s that came by to look at my record collection.” “She thinks she might know someone that will buy them,” Harry lied.

“Sure put me to bed and bring some hussy around.”

“Now Martha don’t be that way with my friends.”

Harry finished putting her in a back bedroom then returned to the kitchen. “Sorry honey, since she ended up in that damn chair, she’s always been angry.”

“Oh that’s ok”

Harry walked over, taking a beer out of the box, popping the top. He reached over and put an arm around me. “Hope you don’t mind, but the way she is acting, I get so lonely.”

“Oh no, that is ok.” I reached over and put an arm behind his back pulling him to me and giving him a wet deep kiss. My tongue flicked inside his mouth, and I could taste the heat in his passion. He set his beer on the counter and his hand went to my breast and he squeezed it roughly making me moan. I could feel the wetness in the V between my thighs.

I reached down and rubbed the bulge in his pants. Damn it was huge and he had barely begun to become hard. Was this the same Harry I had talk with every now and then at George’s? I unbuckled his belt allowing some space between him and his pants waistband and ran my hand down the front of his pants. His member hung down the leg of his pants and was rising to the occasion. I had to taste it and feel it deep in my hot moist pussy. I could not wait any longer.

I unzipped his pants and let his semi rigid cock spring from its bonds. Damn it wasn’t even fully hard and had to be at least nine inches long and an inch and a half in diameter. It looked like one of those big old sausages you see at the grocery store.

Dropping to my knees I engulfed the head in my mouth, which in its self, was but a mouthful. I slowly started licking it, and sucking on the head. I took about a quarter of it in my mouth and I could feel him hitting the back of my throat.

Now I have fucked some big guys, and I’ve used some big vibs in myself when I could not find someone for relief, but Harry was indeed a monster.

I had his cock crammed down my hungry throat and was almost gagging when I heard his wife yell out in the other room.

“Fuck almighty, what is her problem now!”

Harry pulled away from me, taking me by the hand and pulling to my feet. I followed on his heels as he nearly dragged me down the hall to a door at the end. Opening the door and flipping on the light he escorted me into the room. His dick still sticking out of his pants he headed back down the hall.

“Go ahead and get undressed I’ll be right back.”

“Oh no what have I got myself into,” I thought to myself out loud.

I pulled off my jeans and raised my shirt over my head and tossed them on the dresser. Not wearing a bra, I slipped out of my tiny panties and set down on the end of the bed. This is where everything kind of got weird.

Next thing I know Harry is pushing his wife into the room in her wheel chair.

“Oh no Harry, this is to wrong,” I said reaching for my cloths.

With a wave of her hand Martha says to me, “ No don’t let me bother you, go ahead, go ahead please.”

Feeling a little nervous I looked at Harry, his cock hanging down the front of his pants. “What the hell,” I say.

Harry drops his pants as I drop to my knees, taking his cock in my hands and putting my lips to it I begin to resurrect it again.

Harry grabs the back of my head as his cock rises to the occasion and forces it deep in my throat. He begins to gyrate his hips as he face fucks me a little rough but enjoyably.

I was so hot and wet; I just wanted that monster cock in my pussy. He pulled out of my mouth and slapped me across the face lightly with his tool.


Harry pulled me by the arms and almost threw me on the bed on my back. Grabbing my ankles he pushed my legs up over my head. Then dropping to his knees his tongue went expertly to my honey pot and started lapping my juices. His tongue knew how to work a pussy and nibbling on my cherry hard clit about put me over the edge.


Again grabbing my ankles he placed them one of each of his shoulders and pushing forward he used one hand to guide his hard long cock into my pussy. He seemed to be gentle as to not cause me pain until he had about a quarter of it in me and then grabbing a butt cheek with each hand he rammed it deep in my hole. Oh damn he was gonna tear me in half, it was so long and fat. The room got a little dark for a few seconds and I seemed to see stars.

He leaned forward pushing even more of his big hunk of meat into my cunt. He buried his face between my breasts and without warning bit one of them. “Damn that hurts,” I screamed.

I could hear him wheeze as he started pounding my pussy, driving each forward ram into me like a big old piston on some kind of machine. My insides ached, I was not sure if I would survive his monster cock pounding.

I had been molested when I was 17 by my stepfather and his friend and had come back from that with a love for sex. And then when I was 23 I met a guy that like to pass me around to his friends and again I still love a hard cock in me. But Harry seemed to be trying to break my will, like a cowboy breaks a horse by riding it till it has no more. The harder he fucked, the more I wanted and was bound to not give in.

I wrapped my legs around him and held on. The bed was cracking and I was sure it would snap in half any second, when all of a sudden Harry pulled up short. He drove it one or two more times deep inside me before he gushed a heavy stream of hot thick cum deep in my soul. I could feel it oozing out around his long fat cock.

“No Harry don’t stop.” “Please Daddy give me more.”

My juice spilled forward as I felt one orgasm after another ravishes my body.

Harry pulled out of my wet slouchy pussy and stood up. I wanted another round but could see by his now semi limp cock, with a stream of left over cum hanging from it’s eye, that we was done for at least now. He looked down at me and for the first time since we had met some years back at George’s, I saw a twinkle in his eyes.

For me this was just a start of a new relationship with an older man. After a few minutes I got up, pulling my cloths back on. I saw Martha looking at me with a little grin on her face. As I walked by her on my way out of the bedroom I saw there was wetness in the crouch on her sweat bottoms she wore. I was not sure if it was from excitement or had she wet her pants. Either way, you could tell she enjoyed it as much as I did.


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