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The Charm
The Charm
This story has some quality issues

The Charm


The smell of cotton candy filled the air. It was New Years Eve and I was with Justine. She looked at me with a grin on her face.

"what?" I said while playing Skyrim on her X-Box. She wrapped her arms around my waist and kissed my neck. "Come on, let's

have some fun." She complained a bit and then blushed. I sighed. "fine, but maybe in a bit." as I chuckled and laughed the

power went out. "fuck!" I said a bit frustrated. Justine nibbled on my ear. "w-what are you doing?" I asked while blushing.

Justine then put her hand under my shirt, her hand was soft and I loved her touch. I set down the controller and then pinned her

down. She smiled and then wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me to her chest. my face went red. "B-babe." I said in

an exciting tone. "Yes?" She said as she unstrapped my bra slowly. "I want you to do it this time, I always do it first." My body

felt hot. "Mm I will." she smirked and then kissed my neck.

Author Notes: To be continued


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16 Apr, 2019
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