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The Regret
The Regret
This story has open issues

The Regret

2 Reviews

My name is Grace,Im 16 years old ... This all happened about 2 years ago in Charlotte.. I was at the mall with my friends, It was on a Friday and It was 5:45 when I heard a gun cock. I look around but heard nothing... I heard it again, "Guys, You hear something?", I said but hey all gave me a smirk. I looked down and I saw a Gun in both of their hands, " Umm... What are you guys doing." "Oh, Having some fun," they both said. I went to take my phone and call 911 but they snatched it out of my hand and Stepped on it, " WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING," I said very loudly. Soon everyone looked at me and I gave them all a smile that's when I heard a gun shot, I looked up and saw the bullet. I screamed really loud and tried to take the gun out of their hands, but I couldn't, I cried but they both just stared at me hard. "STOP IT!! YOUR GOING TO HURT SOMEONE" I said Screaming, but they just ignored me. That's when I saw someone who looked familiar to me, I ran towards them. Thats when I saw my mom running really fast and my dad trying to call 911 but not getting a Signal. "DAD, MOM," I said running toward them with tears rolling down my pink cheeks and my make up being ruined. Thats when I heard a 2 gun shots, I looked a my parents getting shot and falling on the floor, bloody." NO NO NO," I said Screaming Really Loud, Then I ran towards my friends and punched one of them in the guts and I kicked one of them In the shin." WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING," I said to my face turning bright red," You know Grace, your parents were stupid and jerks," they said laughing. Thats when I did something I shouldn't have, I took their guns and shoot them both in the heads and watching them fall to the ground with blood gushing out of their heads.... I fell to the ground sobbing hard. I am Grace I am 16 years old I hope you guys like it.. Its my first story and I would like it if I got some reviews on it! Tell me if you guys liked it.

Author Notes: hope y'all like it!

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11 Jan, 2017
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