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The Ledge

The Ledge

By Alexis Kypridemos

The Ledge
by Alexis Kypridemos
"What do you think?" Leon asked. "Should I do it?"
"I don't know man," Jimmy said, sitting next to him on the ledge.
"Don't do it!" the fireman called up.
"It's a serious decision," Jimmy said somberly. "There's no going back."
"That's what I've been thinking," Leon sighed. He looked down at his legs, dangling over the side of the ledge.
"You've got your whole life ahead of you!" the fireman said.
"But over these past few months," Leon went on, "some things have come into perspective, and I'm pretty sure I want to do this."
"For the love of God, son," the fireman said, "think it over!"
"Well," Jimmy said, "if that's the way you feel, what else can I tell you? Go for it."
"Don't do it!" the fireman called.
"You're right," Leon said. "I'll do it."
"You've got everything to live for!" the fireman reiterated. He seemed to have run out of things to say.
"I'm going to ask her out."
"Oh, my God!" a passerby screamed.
Leon and Jimmy looked up and saw the man jump off the roof of the building across the street. The man landed with a thump on the fire brigade's inflatable crash mat.
"People are crazy," Jimmy muttered.
"Yeah," Leon said. "Shall we go?"
They jumped off the ledge to the pavement three feet below and walked away.
The End

Author Notes: "The Ledge" is part of "Fiction Fix," a collection of 46 short, funny stories, plus 196 bonus micro fiction budget stories, available at

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About The Author
Alexis Kypridemos
About This Story
27 Mar, 2014
Read Time
1 min
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