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The Man Who Can't Be Move
The Man Who Can't Be Move
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The Man Who Can't Be Move


“The Man Who Can’t Be Move” I was fascinated with this line. For me, staying in one place while waiting for someone that is worth the wait is priceless. Waiting without expecting for something or to move in one place to another are the hardest day.

Then I understood now that he is the one who got away. When you finally missing the presences of someone that makes you feel so special, You can’t compare that feelings to anything. It takes a way one part of you that you always been missing. He is special to me and he always will be.

When I heard that he’s getting married to the woman I know that is not good for him, there is a bit pain. Then I started to think of what if’s.

What if, I gave him a chance?

What if, I tried to love him back?

What if, I listen more to what he says?

What if, I said yes! When he asked me?

What if, I’d spent time with him the moment he came back?

What if, I response to him saying “I miss you too”

What if, I appreciates all his effort of calling me every day and he tries his best to keep in touch with me in spite of long distance?

So on and so forth.

Money can’t buy me a time machine to get back and put it all together. Or to undo the past and make it right according to my own will. Life is not like that. You cannot turn back the time that has been spent already.

This is the day that it all in the past now. He was happy now.

I can’t stop myself from crying until it hurts deeply and I gave myself a time to recover and heal the pain inside. This is one of the things I have experience thinking about what ifs. Being a heart broken is not as easy thing that when you said it out load the pain would subside? No! As what they say. It’s an unexplainable feeling of longing, searching, insecure, comparing oneself to another, loneliness all emotional feeling are there even every song on the radio played feels like my love story. Sad songs can always makes me sad.

It’s a continuing process of moving on but then somehow it was a trusting process and a time to pray for something that you lost and well, if you are lucky enough he would come back in the time were you did not expected. Actually surprises happened without our knowledge. Things happened for reason if it’s truly yours it will always be yours even how much people take it away from you. They will come back for sure. Learning to trust the Lord in his own amazing way.

In the times of loneliness, you would have say that “You can’t met a man like him again, so kind and so gentle”.

It was wrong, in God perfect time. You will surely meet a man will exceed your expectations. AMEN!

Author Notes: It was wrong, in God perfect time. You will surely meet a man will exceed your expectations.


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18 Feb, 2019
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2 mins
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