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The Man Who Can't Be Move
The Man Who Can't Be Move
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The Man Who Can't Be Move


“The Man Who Can’t Be Move” I was fascinated with this song lines that may be true love from someone is true and fair enough.

Not so long ago, There is someone who I thought who actually likes me that much. Someone that I thought who could actually wait for me, so I can start over with him. He was one of the good person I knew. He's gentle, kind, respectful, and simple. The love i might actually thought would grow. Then one day, I actually had feelings for him. Then suddenly he stop making efforts for me. It felt like I was rejected by him. So I wanted to talk to him.

I can't just sleep thinking how good he is, but he has no balls to face me and expalin himself. So I started asking myself why?

Why did he makes efforts for me, If it means nothing to him?

Why did he makes me feel like a fair lady, when it means nothing to him?

Why did he cares so much?

Why did he texted me every night?

Why did he said i like you? When there is no bearing for him?

I get it now, why other woman out there has a self insecurities and that is what hurt could make them life felt bitter. Sometimes pain makes more stronger, but through pain we became more weaker.

We have to find that someone that will bring us back to life, a someone who is really true about themselves and true for their love for you that whenever you are their love will last longer. Dont settle for anything less of a person chose a man with dignity and compassion.

Sometimes fate will lead you to a wrong person for you can see the right one.

I found my man and i hope that you can also find yours.

Author Notes: It was wrong, in God perfect time. You will surely meet a man will exceed your expectations.


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18 Feb, 2019
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