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The Poop In The House

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The Poop In The House

By 21connollyap - 1 Review

One day a boy is with his mother in Wal-mart when he suddenly has to go potty.  He says to his mommy "I have to use the bathroom".  She then said that he should go use it.  He said "Only stupid people use that bathroom"!  He sneaked off when his mother was not looking and went in the toy section he went to the first toy he found (the Barbie dream house) and opened the box and took a poop in it.

Later that day a girl walked in Wal-mart with her father.  She saw the sign for the Barbie dream house and said "daddy can I pretty please have one"?  "I guess", her father said.  "YAY YAY YAY!!!" She screamed.  Everyone In the store looked at the girl and her father.  "Let's keep moving honey" Her father said.  They got to the toy section and the girl grabbed the first Barbie Dream house on the shelf.  Her father paid for it with his credit card and they got into their minivan.  They drove home and after they had got home the girl opened the box to find a pile of poop.  "Man", she said "I guess Barbie couldn't hold it!?!?!        

Author Notes: Thanks for reading.

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25 Apr, 2014
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