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the story
the story

the story

Sentimental_creature⭒ 𝓬𝓻𝔂𝓫𝓪𝓫𝔂 ⭒
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they never really fell in love, and after many failed attempts at a relationship, they had me....


my mom and my dad met working at hollister, this chain of trendy clothes. my mom was only like, 17 when she met him and he was like 22, so she thought he was super cool and had to hang out with him. this resulted to my mom getting screwed over by him and boom, june 10th rolls by and there's a tiny baby in her house.

this baby, this small thing that didn't know right from wrong.

this was her life now.

she had no time for babies. she was just a kid who liked to party. so that was what she did.

lucky for her, her parents fell in love with the little baby and raised her like the fifth child they lost so long ago.

the baby was called many things. mary grace. parker. parkie fleur. gracey. her gramma and gramps stuck with gracey for the time being.

for a time, life was good. gramma and gramps were no longer their names, but instead mama and da. gracey flourished in the little bubble of her country home. she lived with her 15 year old uncle who bullied her, but deep in his soul he'd take a bullet for the small girl.

the good things never last.

when the girl was around nine, her mother finally took responsibility for her life and married a man with a nice job and a nice face. at this point, gracey and her mother hardly spoke, and she hardly knew of the tiny hardships her young daughter had begun to face.

soon, there was another accidental baby in the house. she was called rhys.

and even sooner, gracey developed in the brain. she started seeing things that the other kids didn't.

like the way her new step-father's eyes lingered a little longer than they should.

like how her teachers had bad things hidden in their desks. and if you said anything about them, they would slap your wrists.

like how she was fatter and not as pretty as the other girls.

so she strived to change it.

she started eating less, doing more. asking her mom about makeup and doing her hair like the other girls. she began talking less because apparently, people only liked you if you listened and let them do the talking. by 5th grade, she stood out enough to be noticed but fit in enough to loved.

well, mostly.

of course, by then, gracey was only in the 5th percentile for weight, which made her tired and sick most of the time. this resulted in her falling asleep in class and often getting called back when class ends. however, she was bright, and managed to keep her grades in the As and Bs.

this did not make the other girls happy.

all throughout 5th grade she was verbally bullied more and more each day. she had one friend named yvette, but it was only for a little while.

then, the move. it wasn't as bad as gracey expected.

and then.

the day.

it was a normal thursday evening. maybe wednesday. maybe friday. gracey was in her room, doing her homework. her door was open, and she was vulnerable.

he walked in.

she asked him why he was taking his clothes off.

she asked him why he was locking the door.

she asked him why he was doing this.

and the pleas. the fruitless cries for help.

gracey didn't know how long these things went on. she didn't want to know.

the long silence probably went on longer. she stayed in her room for what felt like years.

her mom didn't believe her. somehow the man had managed to convince her naive mother that it was all in the girl's head.

in a way it was, and in a way it wasn't.

Author Notes: i'll come back to this in a bit, promise..

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⭒ 𝓬𝓻𝔂𝓫𝓪𝓫𝔂 ⭒
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13 Nov, 2020
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3 mins
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